FemiLab: Wasted Tax $$, Dark Chocolate and Stroke Risk, and Best Meal Plan for Kids


Jeers and Cheers
Jeers for this serious waste of $$, perhaps your tax dollars.
No one loves good science more than FemiSex writers, but…seriously, did anyone need to do this study that found…”Marital stress may make people more vulnerable to depression, according to a recent study by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and their colleagues.”
NOT SO MUCH! Let’s actually cure some shit with our precious and finite resources.

(Not one of us is saying depression is not a serious condition. But no one needed a funded study to tell us that gee, a fraught marriage may make depression more likely. DUH!)

Now on the other hand….Cheers for the following study which has significant merit if it holds up upon further review, AND can be replicated: “Genetics play a role in whether stress makes people depressed and in how quickly they recover…according to findings in May in the journal Biodemography and Social Biology.”

Dark Chocolate
From: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Cocoa-rich dark chocolate might help protect against heart disease and strokes, but probably more so if you are a man. Researchers studied what happened to the blood of volunteers after they ate dark chocolate boosted with cocoa extract. The enriched dark chocolate significantly decreased both platelet activation and aggregation in men; however it only decreased platelet aggregation in women. The study found that compounds deemed responsible for the beneficial effects, flavanols and their metabolites, appeared in the blood stream within hours of consumption and had a positive impact on platelet function effects.
FemiSex add: REMEMBER: count those calories. If you indulge in yummy dark chocolate, you need to keep within your recommended calorie count for the day. Yes you can, do that simple math!
A study has found that vegetarians had a 12% lower overall mortality risk than nonvegetarians…Of the subgroups of vegetarians, those who also ate fish had the lowest mortality risk. Source: JAMA Internal Medicine
Small and Frequent for the Kiddies

The more frequently that children eat throughout the day, the less likely they are to be overweight or obese, according to a meta-analysis in Pediatrics.


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