FemiSex DeathWatch: Jewish Aaron Sorkin –Misogynist and Apologist for Racism


Isn’t it rich that one of the biggest misogynists of our time, one who has massive abilities to saturate—though TV and movies—our culture with his cherished misogyny is whining like a two-year old brat that nasty emails snarking racists jokes about the POTUS should not be reported on by the media. HA. Now THAT is funny, funny sad, Funny pathetic, but funny nonetheless. So with a hat tip to Slate’s Hillary Deathwatch in 2008—that I’m sure Sorry Sorkin loved!—we deal him the same honor.

FemiSex has reported on the ugly misogyny of sad-sack Sorkin before. Even Slate.com hates Sorkin’s massive misogyny.
From Slate: “Why Aaron Sorkin’s Woman Problem Makes the Newsroom So Boring.”

It was a bit sickening to watch Sorkin, who uses his power to slap women into their rightful (in Sorkin’s view) place of subsidiary to men. Powerful women are nasty B****** in almost any Sorkin depiction and certainly if an XX DARES to defy Sorkin’s worldview and think Republican Sorkin will savage her with extra helpings of misogyny.

For example, while Sorkin loves to chow down on factory farmed animals, he HATES a woman who might kill an animal herself and eat it. As we posted back in 2010, one thing that makes Sorkin such an imbecile is that he wrote a piece that declared himself pure and Palin evil because she actually had the balls he doesn’t to face up to the fact that KILLING is what makes eating meat possible.

Here is Sorkin, boiled down, talking about his lust for animal flesh:

I eat meat, chicken and fish, have shoes and furniture made of leather….I don't relish the idea of torturing animals….I certainly don't want to volunteer to be the one to kill them.

Sorkin has no problem eating meat that IS tortured for months on end, but he doesn’t think it is too nice for a lady to clean-shoot an animal that has never been tortured and lived a free life for a food source. What an asshole Sorkin is. Yes, please I’ll have a side of tortured bacon with that, but FUCK you Sarah Palin for eating a wild caribou that was clean-killed in an instant.

Sorkin is either retarded, or ….he’s just the biggest fucking hypocrite in the world.
Sorry-assed Sorkin went on the Today Show this morning to blast Media for publishing the ranting email of two Jewish BIG SHOTs in Hollywood, who showed a very nasty side of themselves in emails. He cried foul: don’t you dare DARE publish the rants of Jewish Media folks who make black jokes aimed at the black president, but …didn’t hear him complaining about the treatment of Mel Gibson when he ranted about Jews during a drunken arrest.

Aaron Sorkin is Jewish. Now let’s ask him if a couple of BIG MEDIA WASPs were caught in emails ranting about “spoiled” “Crazyland” Jews in Hollywood, if he’d still want the MEDIA brakes. NO he would not. NOT. NOT.

The sad truth is this: the Tea Party is not at its core racist at all, but Lefty Big Hollywood, at its core is. And when the Big Media spends BIG bucks telling the world that those who want less government in their lives are racists, despite evidence to the contrary, don’t believe them. And when they tell you they are not, don’t believe them. Talk to any Big Media person for very long and they will subtext to you the message that blacks are pretty much helpless without white largesse. Not that my friends is racist.

But that aside, let’s be clear, for those who have the biggest opportunities to influence our culture, and the huge POWER of reach into our living rooms every day, it is VERY important that us little people know what and how they REALLY think if given the opportunity. Sorkin showed today just how sad and small a person he is, when he said that publishing private hacked nude photos of movie stars is not as bad as publishing the email rantings of Pascal and Rudin from Sony.

Again, Sorkin you are a nasty BLOT on humanity. So in the service and tradition of Slate’s DeathWatch on Hillary Clinton in 2008, we now put you on the FemiSex DeathWatch to irrelevancy. Misogyny has lived too long in your work and now you have shown AGAIN what a creep and hypocrite you are in fact.



for those who have the

for those who have the biggest opportunities to influence our culture, and the huge POWER of reach into our living rooms every day, it is VERY important that us little people know what and how they REALLY think if given the opportunity.

WELL SAID. Aaron Sorkin is a piss ant propaganda machine and nothing more.

I do believe that finally

I do believe that finally people are starting to realize the deep misogyny of Aaron Sorkin.

Salon wrote about his woman problem

From "The Social Network" to "The Newsroom," his work argues that life would be easier if women were just for sex

as have many other liberal media outlets

The Newsroom transforms its female characters into hysterics and fools. In a critics’ conversation, Jace Lacob and Maureen Ryan dissect the woman problem embedded in Aaron Sorkin’s troubling drama.

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