FemiStats: Pregancy and Birth rates by Race

From the NYTimes, citing a report by the National Center for Health Statistics: “The overall pregnancy rate for black and Hispanic women was about 60 percent higher than for whites.” Wow. 60% higher.

Regarding only teen births: A recent report, from the National Vital Statistics report says that teen pregnancy rates, overall, fell by almost 60% from 1991 to 2013. That’s good news, but…when broken down by race there is much bad news as well, because in 2012, (most recent data available) black and Hispanic teens had over double the rate of pregnancy as Whites—that is the black and Hispanic teen birth rate is more than 50% greater than whites.

In 2012, the most recent year for which rates in this detail are available, teen birth rates ranged from 9.7 per 1,000 for API teenagers aged 15–19 to 46.3 for Hispanic teenagers (Table 3). Rates for the other groups were 20.5 for non-Hispanic white, 34.9 for AIAN, and 43.9 for non-Hispanic black teenagers.

Unwed birth rates are also troubling.
From CDC: Percent of all births to unmarried women: 40.7%
Broken down by Race:
In 2012, the percent of nonmarital births for blacks (72%)—wow.
Compare to:
For whites the percentage of births to unmarried women as 29%
For Hispanics: A little more than half (54%) of births to Hispanic mothers were to unmarried women.




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