FemiStats: union fat cats; ObamaCaid sticks it to Middle Class; Dems give less to charity; and corrupt jobs numbers

“The average San Jose (CA) police office earned $203,211 in total compensation in 2012.
Cops can retire at age 50 with up to 90% of their final pay.
The average pension for a Ca. Highway Patrol officer is ~$90,000 per year.
Source: WSJ Dec. 1, 2013

But the Dolt taxpayer who funds this fat cat salary isn't gettn zada in pension per month. Time for pension reform!
ObamaCaid hurts those who must pay for insurance without the taxpayer subsidies. Here is a
case study of a woman who expects to make ~60K per year would likely see her copays triple for in network docs and QUINtuple for out-of-network providers. He deductible would increase from 1K per year to ~$11,000 per year. This on top of payment of her monthly premiums of ~ $400 per month. Source WSJ Dec. 1st, 2013

From the Op-Ed that same day:

ObamaCare’s Plans are Worse:
ObamaCare's insurance costs more in return for worse coverage….Mr. Obama and his liberal allies call the old plans "substandard," but he doesn't mean from the perspective of the consumers who bought them. He means people were free to choose insurance that wasn't designed to serve his social equity and income redistribution goals. In his view, many people must pay first-class fares for coach seats so others can pay less and receive extra benefits.

Nearly half of the ObamaCare plans are tightly managed HMOs, according to a McKinsey & Co. analysis. In states like California, Missouri and New Hampshire, many networks are 40% or 45% the size of those offered for normal commercial coverage. Patients face the prospect of waiting months and driving miles to clinics and county hospitals.

Yes, FemiSex outlined the disaster that is ObamaCaid in our item, “ObamaCare’s $17,000 breast pump.”

And….Speaking of Government-run healthcare: yikes: VA staff at 216 VA sites were given instructions on how to fudge the numbers on patient wait times. And three out of five patients did not receive treatment within a two-week window of time. (Now that my health-care provider has hooked up with an ObamaCaid Accountable Care Organization model, my wait times for care now run about 2 months! Before ObamaCaid, I could get in to see my doctor within a week!)
Dems are cheapskates compared to Republicans

Compare and Contrast:
Research shows that Republicans--who on the whole make less than Democrats--give more money to charity and time to volunteer work. This has shown up time and again in the literature. And columnist Jay Ambrose points out something else: Democrat presidential candidates or office holders are pretty stingy with their own money, even as they reach headlong into your pockets. For example: compare the $4 million Mitt Romney gave to charity in a year, compared to richy rich Al Gore, who gave a measly $353 of his $200,000 per year income. Ah, as Ambrose shows: Biden has averaged annual giving of less than one percent of his income to charity compared with Mitt’s very generous ~30% of his income. And then there is John Kerry’s big fat ZERO charitable giving the year that Ambrose looked at. Ha, says Dems: don’t wanna give you my shit, but do wanna take yours. And by the way, Mitt didn’t even take his tax deduction for his charity giving. You can be SURE Al, and Joe took pains to take theirs.
Last but not least: looks like we can’t trust any numbers we see on Unemployment.

In a Post item, “Bad Smell in Philly” John Crudele reminds that it is surveys that determine the unemployment rate. Who takes those surveys? Census workers, who may be and likely are, Dem partisans. In fact it looks like just before Obama’s 2012 re-election, census workers cooked the unemployment books to help Obama.

What FemiSex recommends to prevent future shenanigans: when conducting a survey, demand that workers verify employment status with the employer and detail hours worked per week. Make employers sign affidavit that they are telling the truth or face $$$ penalties. And to be sure…have random edits done by bipartisan committee. Currently one response is supposed to account for 5,000 households, so let’s be sure that response is at least not a lie, and not a made up response by a partisan Census worker, eager to amp up employment numbers before their guy’s (or gal’s) next election date.


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