FemiStats:Hollywood’s Misogyny—a new UN study finds women around the Globe getting the shaft; plus new data on STEM and women

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From a new UN global study: women get shit on by Big “Liberal” Media. Surprise. Kinda like sayn’ water is wet and gee whiz whoda thought. While you can barely find a black criminal in movies or TV, despite the high rate at which blacks commit crimes compared to their proportion in society, there are, according to Hollywood, thundering hordes of white women a killing and a thieving and a pillaging, despite the low numbers women commit such crimes compared to men. While not a surprise, it is useful to look at the findings of this study.
A few tidbits from the Guardian’s write up on the study:

• fewer than one third of all speaking roles went to women, who were also largely absent from positions of power. Only 22.5% of the overall fictional big screen workforce was shown to be made up of female employees, and fewer than 15% were portrayed as being employed as business executives, political figures, or in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics. (STEM)

• women were more likely to be depicted in a hypersexualised manner than men. Girls and women were twice as likely as boys and men to be shown either in sexualised attire, in the nude, or thin.

And regarding the lack of women in STEM, Catalyst has recently come up with some more depressing numbers: Some select data from Catalyst:

Women are less likely to enter tech-intensive industries and more likely to leave once they join.
53% of women who started out in a business role in a tech-intensive industry post-MBA left to take a position in another industry, compared to 31% of men.

Women are outsiders and on unequal footing from day one.
• Despite having the same education as their male counterparts, women in business roles in tech-intensive industries were more likely than men to start in entry-level positions (women, 55%; men, 39%) and to be paid less.
• High potentials who took their first post-MBA job in a business role in a tech-intensive industry were significantly more likely to work on a team with 10% or few women than those in other industries (tech-intensive industries, 21%; other industries, 16%).

Barriers include lack of role models and vague evaluation criteria, so it’s not surprising that women in business roles in tech-intensive industries have lower aspirations.
• Women in tech-intensive industries were significantly less likely than women in other industries to say that their supervisors clearly showed them how their work would be evaluated (tech-intensive industries, 42%; other industries, 55%).
Women in their first post-MBA job were less likely than men to aspire to the senior executive/CEO levels (women, 84%; men, 97%).

Now, for some nuggets from the US Census Bureau:

--men continue to be overrepresented in STEM, especially in computer and engineering occupations. About 86 percent of engineers and 74 percent of computer professionals are men.
--Engineers make nice coin, about 100K on average.

FemiSex adds: Ladies, care to partake of that coinage? You know what to do: stop with the social work fru fru, and get thee to the STEM majors. Good girls don’t have to be nurses and social workers and teachers anymore, despite what Hollywood demands. Really.
Infographic US Census:


Wow . 50 percent of the

Wow . 50 percent of the population but not even 33 percent in speaking roles.

Nice tie together

Nice tie together


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