Free housing, schooling, food, medical care, utilities, furniture for Sylvia Brown and her several adult children


Let's get one thing clear: Newt will not win the women vote needed to get Barky out of office. Someone splain this to him. Fast. But that said, there is a reason why voters like Newt and here is one example from a item on RCP today: "Gingrich stood his ground and engaged in a needed, if uncomfortable, national discussion about the damage done to the family by the welfare state. This resonates with voters who are tired of being accused of racism for questioning whether the welfare state now hurts the very people it purports to help." Now let's turn our attention to one such welfare family.

Meet Slyvia Brown who per the NYTimes

moved "her whole brood New York City from Kansas City, Mo., on a Greyhound bus in July.

more...Now Ms. Brown, 40, and her four children, ages 4 to 23, are clustered in an apartment in Brooklyn, patching together a pragmatic existence while holding fast to their dreams, musical and otherwise....
Her eldest daughter, Shavel Monique Rice-Moore, 23, has pursued rap music since she was 7, entering talent shows and uploading her songs on YouTube....{the reason they came to NYC}

She had also secured a federally subsidized housing voucher that allowed her family to live rent free in a three-bedroom apartment in Brownsville, ... (None of her children’s fathers help financially except for her youngest daughter’s, Ms. Brown said.)
The family receives $790 a month in food stamps. “We always run out,” Ms. Brown said.

The higher cost of living in New York has been one of many adjustments for the family.

The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund, drew $801 from the fund in September to buy them four beds.

The fund also paid off a nagging $504 bill from Consolidated Edison, which arose when the family ran the air-conditioner during a heat spell shortly after arriving. ...

[now]she is exploring affordable educational opportunities that she hopes will lead to a career as a medical assistant.

Let's get this straight: a 40 year-old woman and her three grown children (ages 18, 23, 20) and her minor child are getting free housing, free food, free medical care, free utilities and free furniture and you have to ask yourself: why? She's also getting a check every month in child support.
With three father's, not enough between them to support even just the rent? Really? How much does the youngest child's father send?
So we ask you? Is this a social safety net? No this is a web of dependency.
At age 18, I was working and going to school. She has three working-age kids and herself and yet we are paying for their entire existence.

There is not a reason in the world why.
And, for fuck's sake you all know that Obama demands that you (who just don't pay your fair share, ha!) get up every day at six, go to work, hand over a third of your paycheck to Big Government, pay off those student loans and property taxes and child care, car in addition to all your other billls you never asked the Government to pay so that this family will spend the next 10 years on pell grants and full public welfare assist.

This is why Gingrich is popular with the peeps. He asks why?
And he doesn't make you feel like a goat for asking the very good question: why? Free housing, food, medical care, furniture, utilities, and schooling. Weeeeee, and she can roll on over and turn off that alarm clock so nice while you all get up and schelp your kids to the sitter at the break of dawn.

Sylvia Brown has made a lot of choices in her life. Why do others have to pay for all of them?
Why? Fair question. That is why Newt's ahead. Because unless you happily agree to pay for your family and dozens of others you are a fill in the nasty adjective here.

But understand this: if Newt is on the ticket this fall, all that means is more steak for Sylvia and "her whole brood" as the Times put it while you all decide which of your two kid you and your husband can afford to send to college...if you both get second jobs.

Mitt 2012 and Gingrich on Who's Your New Boss reality show.




PAC ads should focus on these

PAC ads should focus on these case studies. Why are you planning your family size according to your ability to support your children when others refuse to do their fair share and who rely on their unfair share of yours.

Turning adults into children.

Turning adults into children. Good one welfare state.

Spot on. We're supposed to

Spot on. We're supposed to Pay for this but not complain. Who's indentured now?

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