Gender Gap in Self-Owned Businesses Grows; and, Women Slapped for Growing Girl Network

Two unsettling findings regarding women were recently reported in the Wall St. Journal. First: in 2014 there was a marked decline in the percentage of women who started a business. Second: Women who go to bat to bring on more women in the workplace are penalized for this action. So…let’s look at the findings of the first report.

From the WSJ (A Gender Gap Grows) as reported in May 2014: “The share of new businesses started by women fell last year to its second lowest level in nearly two decades.” The graph in the story shows that men have always led in terms of starting new businesses or becoming self-employed. Sadly a study cited in the article shows the same depressing findings as other studies—and the replicability of very similar methods gives strong credence to the findings—namely that with all things being equal both men and women rate women as not as good. In this case, three study sets that asked male and female student in the U.S. and U.K. to rate the same written business plan ideas that were presented as either a male or female, the students rated the “female” plans and less worthy than the male plans of investment and found the females to be less competent.

Same plan, different genitalia. So sad. These were YOUNG folks doing the rating… not your granddad or grandmum. And every day I have to listen to men tell me how tough it is for men nowadays. Fuck all, right.

Another gem: women seemingly know that the deck is stacked against them much of the time. When asked if fear of failure is a reason NOT to proceed with a start-up business, a third of women said yes, while only a quarter of men would let fail-fear stand in their way.

The other item in the Wall St. Journal (Study Finds Diversity Toll) cited a study from the University of Colorado that found women executives who “push” for women to be hired were penalized on their own performance reviews for this behavior. Gals who foment a girls network are perceived as “less warm.”

And this fact is something that women see all too often in the workplace. One or two women “make it” but they are often chosen to “make it” based in large part because they are NOT likely to be advocates for other women. In fact, the more a woman advocates for other women, well, she’s ditching her own career.

From the Colorado study, the sad fact also came out that while women got slapped for asking for more women, white men who openly advocated for more diverse workplaces, got performance bumps. Seems we gals are as dependent as ever upon the good graces of men to move us up the ladder, just so long as we know we can’t bring other gals with us. And….the cycle continues. Psssft.


I'm so sick of hearing that

I'm so sick of hearing that women have it soooooooooooooooooo good now. I despise the men who insist we are doing just fine. My husband is one of these men. I smile, let him pay our bills and give my love to my children.

When do men count? When they

When do men count? When they provide for women and the kids.

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