Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl, sells America on the Psycho Bitch Myth and sells out all the real Gone Girls

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Gone Girl was an entertaining read, albeit totally stupidly predictably. Plot = rich, white/blond very smart girl, who, of course, must be a total…total cliché alert….psycho bitch. Author Gillian Flynn is pretty smart to understand that writing about a white WASP blond girl of above average intellect and means must, by fiat of the bigots in Big Media, entail painting a picture of a wretched bitch who is a danger to the entire world, oh yeah, who by the way is happy to murder at the drop of an orgasm. If the book had gone on a page more than it’s totally predictable 560 pages, Amy Dunne would have been making boiled bunny stew for a real kicker ending.

SNORE. Sellout Gillian Flynn is to quote Gillian Flynn:

unsubstantial, a spoiled rich girl, bitchy, desperate old slut, rich bitch, rich bored bitch, little slut, poor dumb bitch, the slut, a cunt, townie slut, Williamsburg bitch, psycho bitch, harpy, fucking bitch, fucking bitch, cunt, cunt, cunt, little bitch, that little bitch, those fucking bitches, that ugly little bitch, my bitch wife, you fucking cunt, fucking bitch, fucking bitch, you fucking bitch, the lying little bitch, I will fucking kill the bitch, crazy psycho bitches, psycho bitch, pretty selfish manipulative disciplined psycho bitch, all bitches in the end, dumb bitch psycho bitch, the bitch who, the bitch who, you fucking crazy bitch, you murdering mind-fucking evil crazy bitch, dumb bitch, psycho bitch, and …of course a “ratings whore.”

This is just me picking through the pages of Gone Girl pulling out the anti-female branding that whore Gillian Flynn uses to further misogyny in our society. Unlike using it to show the nastiness of such thoughts, the utterances are used to prove the truth of those words in describing the female in the book. Flynn, media whore that she is, ughhmm, of course, has her male protagonist in the book as a hero. In a whore-like bow to the Whack Nutty Democrat Media, Missy Flynn writes that women who don’t care about “the lack of minorities in meaningful roles” in movies are nasty bitches. And cunty Gillian throws a sop to “underfunded public schools.” Of course this is just more pandering to Democrat Media to publish her book, because we all know that finding a black doctor on TV is like looking for a book in a library, they are everywhere and that finding a black violent criminal on TV is like looking for a one-eyed unicorn in your front yard—there just are not any. As for underfunded schools, no not underfunded, that is a pure and fabled lie. New York for example throws almost 30K per year per student, HARDLY underfunded. Under-parented. Now that IS a problem.

Anyway…back to the whore, slut, cunt, cra cra crazzzzy bitch that is Miss Gillian Flynn…she knows how to get media folks to sit up and Pay her….give em a pretty blond bitch to call cunt and mean it and it is GO TIME for your book baby. Go as in sell out women and get me some of that big bitch bag of bucks for misogyny. Funny thing…for a sop to Big Dem Media, Missy Flynn makes her excellent lawyer a black man with a very classy black wife, and they are just what her “meaningful roles for minorities” call for…but nary a nigger word in Missy F’s text to call them out for say money grubbing…and certainly not a Jewish lawyer for such greed in the face of well…slimy defense lawyers….yeah, you get it. Roles must be carefully tended so has not to offend those who actually count in life, and by now you must have started to get IT….women, white blonds, with rich parents and smarts are not the ones who count unless it’s for cunt. Get it. He, he, Missy Flynn is a Cunt and a bitch and a mean ol’ “desperate old slut.” Not that we’d dream of using Flynn’s misogyny against the cunt, er, the author.

Now, on to something a bit less traumatizing although as much a cultural downgrader for women. We all know that woman have WAY too much Cunt Power in this world. Those Muslim ladies who think they should have been allowed to keep their clits and those white women in America who think they should actually get to decide if and when they get married. Only thing is….not so much on either account.

To the latter, we all know what happens to women who try to make a stand on when they walk down the aisle. In the Gone Girl book, our gal with the looks, money and smarts, must wait for a dumb shit with small talent and a lot of emotional baggage to ask her to marry him. In fact, with his proposal he “saves” her from a life of spinsterhood….cause you know…gettn’ hitched and when is totally up to MR. Male Dude.
Now I noticed this item in the Daily Mail a while back….

That is such an interesting and sad commentary on women’s ability to control their fate when it comes to marriage, and why EXACTLY Big Dem Hollywood keeps misogyny so alive and kicking, least women get to decide some of the most important things in their life, like power in a relationship over when marriage will occur and in the workplace that allows us to decide who to hire and fire and where to put the $$.

Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike is “a beautiful English girl, educated privately and at Oxford, whose marriage dreams are twice destroyed in unique circumstances.”

…, she falls in love with another man, they get engaged and buy a house. But when — unknown to him, apparently — she sends out ‘save the date’ pre-wedding cards to dozens of friends with a ‘tasteful’ picture of them in a hot tub, he is so appalled that he summarily dumps her.

This public humiliation is all the more puzzling as it befell a former Bond girl who has evolved into what the Mail’s theatre critic Quentin Letts describes as ‘one of the great beauties of our age’.
Not surprisingly, after such emotional blows, Rosamund Pike remains unmarried at 35.

After the disasters of two great loves, Rosamund now shares her life with former heroin addict and City businessman Robie Uniacke. He is a big, rather shambolic Old Etonian who is not only 18 years her senior but had two failed marriages behind him and four children when they met in 2010. Today they have a son, Solo, two, and she is expecting their second child.

Read more:

Ah, reduced to out-of-wedlock baby-making with a beat up old addict who looks rather like a worn out shoe.

Now that brings me to something I clipped out of the New York Post a while back. “Hero Gal Gets Her Manwich”
Here is the first sentence:
“It didn’t take her 300 sandwiches to put a ring on it. It only took 257 !”

The story details the love affair between a Page Six gal, Stephanie Smith, and her beau Eric Schulte, who “asked [Smith] to make him a sandwich.” Upon her fulfillment of her request, the dude then said: “Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”

So what’s a girl to do, right? Smith obediently made the fuckwad some meat treats—they featured her “the Fishkiller” in the story, which was quite involved ordeal. I’m guessing she had to give a blow sidedish….or 257… to the sandwich to seal the deal, but that’s just a guess. And …perhaps the reason why, once deals are sealed gals so often get TMJ to avoid the play. When you’ve been subtly blackmailed with priming their pump as a precondition to them making an official commitment to you not to fuck the nanny as you bear their children and ruin your body, well it can be a bit of a blowjoby kill. Finally you have some power.

So Gone Girl and Sandwich Girl have a lot in common. Both had to sit up and beg to get a proposal and for the actress who played Gone Girl, even then she wasn’t allowed to step off her marital leash of obedience. And to the likes of Missy Flynn, who has sold her soul, and has the nice boy hero of her book dreaming of “smashing her head in until she stopped talking.” Well, I guess a book about the real Gone Girl Lacey Peterson wouldn’t have really helped hurt women and wouldn’t have kept the misogyny fires burning, would it you “desperate slut” Missy Flynn. And in case you want a new case of a Gone Girl every day, that is easy, all you have to do is open the papers and find a nice whore, slut, cunt, bitch who’s had her head smashed in…today with a baseball bat,:
A 55-year-old woman was found dead in her Staten Island apartment — her forehead caved in with a baseball bat, police sources said Tuesday.

Tomorrow who knows what Gone Girl will turn up, but some dumb bitch who wouldn’t stop talking will for sure. And a desperate slut, looking to cash in, like Gillian Flynn, will write another psycho cunt bitch book, pretending that when girls go gone, they are the ones to blame. Fuck you Flynn, and the millions you made whoring out other women. Fuck you, you psycho, cunt, slut, whore, fucking bitch….rinse and repeat for big Dem Media Bucks…and be sure to put in a “meaningful role” for minorities in that next book of yours, cunt.


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