Good Riddance to James Dobson! Now: It’s time for an Overhaul of the Red Party

will there ever be male female balance?

Guest writer: Ms. Southern Magpie
It is delightful the hoary James Dobson is leaving Focus on the Family; now it is time for the GOP to return to its fiscal side and leave off on the social narrowism. It is time for an overhaul of the GOP. And really, how about a return to the Party that allowed women the vote! Let’s all remember it was a Republican Congress that allowed the 19th Amendment to sail thru passage!
And it was Republicans who put the Equal Rights Amendment in their platform in the 40s.

Where Art Thou Republicans unopposed to women’s rights and freedoms? It is time for you to stand up and Shout from the Rooftops: I want my party back!

For most of American, when we think of the GOP/Republicans we think of doughy men against women’s rights and the women married to them. (this is not a blame toss at such women; most humans tend to support those who support us.) We think of men who want to curtail the freedoms of others. This is because the GOP allowed the voice of narrowism and anti-female-ism to become the GOP. Time for a change, Reds, if you want to survive.

Millions of women, are social liberals, fiscal conservatives. And they are hungry for a place to go that doesn’t demand a brand of socialism we are being indoctrinated (forced?) into by the Left of late.

And change has began: Gov. Palin was a start; having a female on the Republican ticket was wonderful; albeit she was picked, as all vice-presidents are picked, for her hoped-for votegettingness. (no one wants crazy Joe Biden as potus, but he was selected for his votegettingness as well..his white votegettingness in those pesky states that went to HRC in the primary season.) But this was no election for a RED man or woman. This was the Democrats time, and the predictable occurred.

But now the GOP may want to re-think whether they should continue to put all their eggs in the anti-abortion basket. It is a losing basket going forward. James Dobson turns most folks’ stomachs (apart from the die-hard anti-women splinter of the party.) Centrist Reds need to reclaim their party. Here is one way forward. Poll on the likes of Senator Susan Collins. And keep publicly polling on centrist women for the GOP top of ticket in 2012.

Recently, CNN did a poll of GOP voters and they found something very interesting: GOP women want a woman at the helm of their party.

“..among Republican women, it's a different story. Palin has a 10-point edge among Republican women, winning 32 percent support among them to 22 percent for Huckabee and 20 percent for Romney,"

I highly recommend the GOP do this: start to float Susan Collins as a contender. Poll on Collins among GOP women. And Poll on Collins among Independents and Democrats.

My guess is that the country will began to balk at how far to the Left Obama is taking us and will be ready for a Centrist at the helm again.

We’ve had Bush, so far Right it made our heads spin, and now he have Obama, so far Left it makes our heads spin.

Let’s gather that information (polling) and keep at it until a centrist GOP candidate seems as plausible as a centrist Democratic one once did.

Yes, it’s a tall order. Women face such an uphill battle. Liberal media doesn’t want a woman potus; and I don’t know if Conservative males would allow a female to Top "their" ticket. But it is worth a hard look and a hard think on the best way forward for the Republican party. Remember folks; Democracy MUST have two viable parties or it becomes not a democracy at all.

Please poll of Susan Collins


And let's toss Rush as well!

And let's toss Rush as well! Get a new speaker, Please. Women despise Rush and if you want to be the party of fat white men keep Rush and his dithering. If you want this Independent (who is up to here with Obite, then pleaaaaaaaese, read this post!

note from guest writer Ms.

note from guest writer Ms. Magpie
to readers who've emailed us to comment on the failed fiscals of the Republican party--
Ms. Magpie says:
yes, NO kidding! Bush was a profligate spender, but for me ( who did not vote for Bush) Bush never represented what was good about my party. Reagan was not my type as well. The anti-female stance in the Red party was born out of backlash to women's rights; I say GET OVER IT. Women will not be subjugated again--and doing so to poor and young women only makes the party look vicious!
I want the party of pre-Reagan days back! Rush can Shut the Hell up, he is only digging the party deeper into the hole of dumb-assedness that so turns off educated folks who are not happy to see class warfare anymore than they were happy to see anti-female warfare. I want, oh how i want...a sanity to return to the Republican party. The Democrats have a Daddy now and they are lost in that odd worship. Republicans should take this time to get their groove back and I mean way back!

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