Hiding Black on White Crime; when Two Blacks Brutally rape and kill whites WAPO refuses to ID race of perps

Just imagine for a moment that two white men did a home invasion into a black home. The two white men brutalized the five blacks for hours, forcing the women to have sex with each other and the men to have sex with the women, then to top it off the two white intruders raped the women. Then the two white males shot all five of the blacks in an execution style murder spree. You can be sure that WhackJob Liberal Newspapers would emblazon the headlines with such a murder and play Black Lives Matter to the hilt. Think Duke Lacrosse, Think Michael Brown. Think Travon Martin. If a black is a vic of a white then it’s the main course. But of course,
When….the opposite is true, as in the case above, known as the Wichita Horror. The truth is that two black men did those things to a group of white folks minding their own business at home one evening in Kansas. Then to compound the nightmare of the families and surviving victim, batshit crazy folks in Kansas overturned the raping murdering black men’s death sentences.

But pay special attention to the Washington Post item today that REFUSES to state the fact anywhere in the article (about the Supreme Court’s decision to review the case) that this was a black on white crime.
Whites of course commit terrible crimes against blacks, albeit at a tiny tiny percentage compared to black on white crime, but…remember when a white commits a murder against a black that has any hint of nasty, the WhackJob Liberal Newspapers will headline on their front pages the race of the white perp, and use that as their lead storyline.
There must be ONE standard for crime reporting; either NEVER play the race card or play it every time the crime involves black on white as well as white on black. The truth is that we do a disservice to blacks by holding their behaviors to a lower standard on racism than whites. The time of white on black violence in any large degree has long passed; we now live in times of black on white violence to a large degree, and the ONLY way to correct that is to hold folks accountable for their inter-racial crimes regardless of race.




Look at today's blaring

Look at today's blaring headline that police looking for "white suspects" in wake of shooting of blacks at protest. Where was the Washington Post headline that police were looking for two black suspects who raped and killed a pregnant woman just a week or so ago? crickets.

White on black violence is rare but the media blares that on the front pages. Black on white violence is common place but the media covers that up.

If Obama is Black then Chris

If Obama is Black then Chris Harper is black. But, try telling that to democrat journalists, who refuse to publish the fact that Oregon shooter was a black dude.


Chris Harper Mercer walked into Oregon's Umpqua Community College and killed nine people, wounding nine more. On a dating site, Mercer, whose father is white and mother is black, referred to himself as "mixed race."

The Los Angeles Times implied that Mercer was white. The Times, in a sub-headline, said he had "white supremacy leanings."

BGLM (big government liberal

BGLM (big government liberal media) or, so-called journalists, who if not making 10cents an hour to spoon feed the masses Big Government Liberal Bullshit would be flipped pancakes at Ihop. lmao

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