Hillary’s Email Debacle Mirrors Obama IRS Email Debacle—Democrat Media to BLAME

Democrat media protects arrogant Obama

There is virtually no doubt that Obama knew of and sanctioned the use of the IRS to punish Americans whose political views clashed with their own. Let that soak in for a second. WOW! That is the TOTAL breakdown of democracy. Then Obama comes on TV and has the GALL to tell the nation: the IRS did nothing wrong, not “a smidgeon of corruption.” Stonewalling, deleting emails, destroying hard drives, refusing to answer to Congress. Only an imbecile would believe Obama’s smidgeon lies. Sadly that is what we have in Democrat MSM—imbeciles.

And those imbecile political activist so-called journalists set the table for our nation’s downward slide. Hilary is only following Obama’s corrupt lead: rules don’t apply to Democrats. Give em enough welfare and fuck it…do whatever the Fuck you wish. The Media will move on.

Only problem: Hillary is not a black person. She is a white woman. And the media will not protect her as fiercely as they have the corrupt Obama. Hillary was once our darling. FemiSex was born out of indignation at the media’s sexism towards her run for POTUS, and in furious protest against the total protectionism given to Obama, who was, and remains, one of the most nasty, liars we’ve ever seen come to the national political stage.
He lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied,….during the 2008 campaign. (Just one WHOPPER—no individual mandate for him.) LIAR.

But Hillary has fallen into the Corrupt Democrat Machine that Obama has returned to the U.S.: Anything goes as long as you are Democrat and the media will give you a pass. Asked about Benghazi, Hillary Clinton answer was Obama-appalling: “What does it matter?”

From the Blaze:

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced down Sen. Ron Johnson and asked exasperatedly, “What difference at this point does it make” why the attacks in Benghazi happened, she must have known it would spur controversy.

But Hillary was just following on the heels of Obama’s LIE that he didn’t mislead the public about Benghazi—sending Susan Rice out to tell Americans: just a protest in response to a video, not a planned terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. The CRAZY Candy Obamaphile Crawley, even cut Americans off from the truth of Obama’s LIES on Benghazi during a presidential debate.

Hillary figures that she will just do as Obama does: lie, obfuscate, mislead, pretend ignorance and…wait for the Democrat Media to cover things up for them…and move on to …Attacking the Republicans…’hey, stupid Jane Q. Public, did you know that in high school this Terrible Republican mooned a lady—wow, what a war on women.
And it is of course, VERY funny that the black nutjob Toure--who forgives Obama for his terrible arrogance (better to kill than detain enemy combatants; or if Obama doesn’t like a law, he just ignores it…think Amnesty or ObamaCaid or…the IRS emails…or you name it—has the idiocy to say that Hillary is “arrogant” and “above the rules.” Toure Neblett is embarrassing himself. Obama is the epitome of arrogance and seeing himself as immune to the rule of law. (Obama wants to turn this Center Right country Left, then hey….just open our borders and give illegals all the credentials they will need to VOTE. Fuck, what’s the use of Congress, if not to contain a rampaging Obama….who if he wants to war on Libya, fuck Congress….if he wants to kill Americans overseas, fuck Congress…if he wants to snoop on journalists…fuck he will…despite that little shred of paper known as the Constitution.)

Hillary is just carrying on in the tradition of Obama—rules and law are only for Republican, and the media will let us Big Fish Dems get away with ANYTHING. Sorry to say this, as a long-time Democrat, but the only way to save this country is to elect a Republican president. Only then will the media hold the office accountable for their actions. Democrat presidents in the age of Obama will get to shit all over rule of law…and fuck you Jane Q. Public if you complain….cause we will just fuck you over and over and over. Cause we Dems are immune from the media.

Hillary lost us with “what does it matter.” Anyone who says that about a terror attack on the U.S. is not fit to hold office. Obama is 1,000 times worse than Hillary, but Hillary, why did you EVER think you could hoodwink us in the manner of Obama? He’s the black media darling and…you are the white lady. Dem or not, you will be treated far more harshly than Obama, and far less harshly than ANY Republican.






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