Hillary Clinton says "what does it matter?" Doctors around the country can now breathe easier

Guest post by Dr. Not Accountable -- Hillary whom I supported in her 2008 bid for the presidency of the United States of America has flabbergasted me with an astounding display of for thee but not me-ism.

This is what she said when addressing the overarching issue of the failure of policy and deed that led to the death of four fine Americans in Libya this past year: who cares. Memo to Hillary and Barry: I do, and the public has a right to know even if they're to politicized now to care.

Hillary said: the fact is we have four dead Americans, what diff dude if it was protesters gone wild or a few guys out of a walkabout who suddenly got the urge to do a murder thing to our Ambassador? Astounding in that the two options she offered are totally wrong: this was a well-planned, highly coordinated terrorist attack by Al Qaeda. Shocking that Hillary and Obama are STILL trying to lie to Americans that this was just some dudes out for a walk who decided to go wilding.

When a group of 19 men brought our country low on Sept. 11, 2001, might we all have said: what does it matter that we missed this intelligence? Who cares that we missed this totally? I wonder Hillary, Is there some number of dead that must be reached for it to matter that a massive failure on intelligence occurred. (In the Libya case it was ALSO a failure to act for HOURs after the attack had commenced.)

All I can say is WTF? Is she fucking kidding? When doctors are accused of malpractice can we now say: We’ve got a dead patient on our hands, what difference does it make how she or he died? She’s (he’s) dead, dead as a doornail and that’s that, move along now, and take your lawyers with you, jackass and bother me NO more with silly questions of accountability.

A bit more perspective: When a patient dies on the operating table and I go out to the family and say: hey dudes, the problem here was that some protesters stormed my OR and what the hell, nothing to be done, nothing to see here, move along now, you scumbags. What does it matter anyway? Only there were no protesters in my OR (my boss made that part up to save his bare ass in time for re-election) and the whole thing was because I was sleeping on the job, ignored the warning signals that something was amiss and just let the patient die. What does it matter? I scream, yes, looking a bit hysterical, a trait I don’t think becomes a potential future president, let alone our top diplomat, let alone the surgeon you’ve entrusted your life to on the operating table.

The entire premise of our legal system is to find out what when wrong when it seems clear that fault can reasonably be ascribed. Except that is for Hillary and her boss Obama.

When the man who comes to fix your sink, instead blows up the kitchen, he can shrug now, confident a new standard applies: We got a ruined kitchen, what does it matter how it go ruined? And to really intimidate you for asking what the fuck went wrong, the fix it man waves his hands like he’s conducting the New York Philharmonic and screams at you.

Hillary. Shame on you! Shame on Obama mostly, but shame on you for thinking you can play politics with this and scream and rant your way out of responsibility. Obama does the same thing with his stupid "if you think your gonna blame poor little ol’ Susan Rice you better come beat me up instead," shtick.

Hillary's behavior is not what I’d imagined for a Hillary presidency. She is exhausted. Go home, and please stay home in 2016. It breaks my heart to say that, but this was a deal breaker for me.

Watergate did not result in any Dead Americans and no one in their right mind could imagine Nixon or his cronies waving their arms around in the Watergate Hearings screaming, “what does it matter?”

Of course it matters. And SHAME on you Hillary for pretending it does not. Americans deserve to know the truth and finding out who is at fault for an UNNESSARY Death of a patient or our Ambassador matters, you foolish woman.




In large part, that's because policy-making was tightly controlled by the White House. It's hard to know whether Clinton would have acted differently if President Obama had, in the manner of Richard M. Nixon, anointed her as his Henry Kissinger. But that was never in the cards.

Instead, Clinton appeared to endorse Obama's view of America's more limited role in an age of austerity, defined by other rising global powers. As a loyal soldier, she used her stellar political skills to strengthen old alliances in Europe and promote new ones in Asia as part of a "pivot" in that direction. She mended diplomatic fences and conducted negotiations, notably on Iran sanctions.

But she has no major foreign policy success she can call her own.

Initially, Clinton did try to carve out a greater role by appointing three "special envoys," loyal to her, as policy overlords on key issues. Richard Holbrooke got the AfPak brief, George Mitchell the Arab-Palestinian issue, and Dennis Ross, Iran. But Holbrooke's mercurial personality so alienated Afghan and Pakistani leaders that the White House finally cut him out of the process, while Mitchell failed to make any headway and resigned. Ross, sensing where power lay, left the State Department and moved to the White House.

Here's the

Here's the link,
And the text

QUESTION: When you took responsibility and you told the Senate and the House that you took responsibility for Benghazi, and you said you get more than a million cables to the State Department a year – they’re all addressed to you – but in retrospect, shouldn’t a cable warning of a security threat from an ambassador in a conflict zone – shouldn’t that get the highest possible attention immediately?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, that’s what we’re hoping to make sure does happen in the future. The security professionals get it right far more than they get it wrong. We have a long list of attacks averted, assassination plots broken up, and so much. So I have a great deal of confidence in them.

But it’s an institution of human beings, nearly 70,000 of them. And as the Accountability Review Board said, there were some wrong decisions made, and unfortunately, we suffered grievous losses.


This sound like blaming 70,000 other ppl not taking responsibility.

Deal breaker for me too. I

Deal breaker for me too. I would rather vote for a man in 2016 than Hillary. I was a registered Democrat for years then cancelled on that when O was nominated. I am currently "decline to state" but will register as a Libertarian, the only party left that seems somewhat sane.

One thing I noticed as Hillary testified was her body language. Resting her chin on her hand like she was bored with the whole thing was SO disrespectful to the senators who were questioning her. I've never seen anyone do that before. I have yet to read any commentary on her insulting body language.

Andrea Mitchell asked

Andrea Mitchell asked Hillary, what about ignoring all the cables from Benghazi asking for more security. Hillary, my one - time live action figure, responded, to the effect, don't blame me. The next SOS will have to do a better job than I.

That hurt.

I'm still behind a Hillary

I'm still behind a Hillary run next cycle, but the New Yorker is taking a pass


It matters because it

It matters because it matters!

I'm a proud Hillary fan. Just not today.

No. Hillary should still run

No. Hillary should still run in 2016. I didn't watch more than this snippet of her testimony. I hope the rest was better. I do agree this video is very troubling.

Watching this video of

Watching this video of Hillary breaks my heart too. It's like she's become Obamaized. Very tragic outcome.

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