Immigrants, ObamaCare and a stabbing in Georgia

I wonder, will this man be granted amnesty by our Corrupt Leader Obama? As reported in the NYDaily News, a white Georgia man was taking out trash behind his workplace, when a short Hispanic male tried to rob the man. But when the white man said sorry, I’ve no money, the Hispanic male tried to repeatedly to stab him in the heart with a 12-inch blade, that was only deflected from making a fatal plunge by the white male’s cell phone in his shirt pocket.

From the news report:

The attempted mugger appeared to be on drugs and has eluded arrest, said Scriver, who described his attacker as a 5-foot-five-inch Hispanic man with a neck tattoo of the number 13.

Obama has been busing loads of illegal immigrants into Georgia in an attempt to turn the state Blue. And it’s doubtful the media will report on this man’s legal status, or how he came to be in the US in the first place when they finally, hopefully arrest him.

And as for Obama’s crazy amnesty: here is something that might grab you.
From Washington Examiner

The Center for Immigration Studies, a low-immigration advocacy group, released a report early Thursday that found both legal and illegal immigrants and their minor children made up 42 percent of Medicaid growth from 2011 to last year.

And from Breitbart:

That means illegal aliens, who could be granted executive amnesty by President Obama if he moves forward with his plans for such an order, would also likely have access to the Obamacare benefits.
“The high rate and significant growth in Medicaid associated with immigrants is mainly the result of a legal immigration system that admits large numbers of immigrants with relatively low-levels of education, many of whom end up poor and uninsured,” report co-author Steven Camarota of CIS says. “This fact, coupled with the extensive supports we provide to low-income residents unavoidably creates very significant costs for taxpayers.”

Also on Breitbart, a letter to Obama from a father whose son was killed by an Illegal:

“While your Executive Order pad is out, can you write one to bring my son and the tens of thousands (actually over 100,000) killed by illegal aliens back to life and to bring our destroyed families back together?” asks Don Rosenberg in a letter to Obama. His son Drew was killed by an illegal alien who ran over him in 2010.
In the letter, Rosenberg notes that President Obama’s administration refused to deport the illegal alien who killed his son.

Looks like not only will the illegal dude got to stay, he’s likely gonna get health insurance for free (er, paid for by taxpayers) while middle class American-born wage earners get the shaft.

The Democrat Vote: shipped in from Central America and Overseas


Obama just broke with America

Obama just broke with America and is now the president of South America. Obama is a total asshole.

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