Incompetent Obama fiddles, Allowing ISIS to Become a World Power. Can’t say Military Brass didn’t Warn Us

Obama Fails on ISIS.jpg

Consider this: ISIS now controls half of Iraq, half of Syria and a sizable chunk of both southern Lebanon and Libya. ~NYPost

Consider this: Less than one year ago a top General who served under both the Bush and Obama Administrations pissed all over Obama’s laughable ISIS counteroffensive, saying: “I don’t think the president’s [ISIS] plan has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding,” ~ retired Marine General James Conway.

As reported by The Daily Caller,

“The man who was the top Marine general from 2006 until his retirement in 2010 says President Barack Obama’s strategy to defeat the terrorist group, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, is doomed to fail. “I don’t think the president’s plan has a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding,” retired Marine General James Conway, who served as the 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps during the end of the Bush administration and the beginning of the Obama administration, said at the Maverick PAC Conference in Washington, D.C. Friday, according to a source in attendance.”

As the Democrat media rub their collective shit on any Republican who might even THINK of being the next POTUS, they ignore the total and complete FAILURE of Obama to stop the ISIS juggernaut—one that will lead to WW3. Idiots.

And just for fun, peep show in today what the New Yorker’s Dexter Filkens has to say about the fall of Palmyra in Syria to ISIS. As the moron tramples around Palmyra over 10 years ago, he is ga ga a go go over the fact that non-Westerners were able to build some shit that actually looks cool:

“I remember thinking that in all of Rome, and all of Italy, there was nothing as impressive as the Roman-seeming architecture of this city in the Syrian desert.” ~Filkens

Ha, talk about the racism of low expectations. For those who’ve traveled, the ancient architecture of Western countries is of a quality FAR above that in Palmyra, but to those who want, I mean REALLY WANT Islam cultures to be as good as if not better than Western cultures, hey, just the fact they actually had the gumption to build something Western looking over in Syria back in the day, well…that proves it, ….how fuckn’ great are Islamists.

Heave Ho, you dumb shit. But that’s what America is stuck with until we demand SMART media. We are stuck with dumb as shit, blinkered so-called journalists who actually believe the lies they write and the mistruths they spread.

Obama is sayn to America, hey guys I’m no fuck up, just look at the media and they’ll tell you. Look I’m the first black POTUS so even my meager attempts and felling ISIS should be regarded as more impressive, more better, more bestest, more koolestest, than any fucking Westerner White Guy could do.

Heave fuckn Ho, you say?


BHO isn't fiddling. This is

BHO isn't fiddling. This is exactly what he wants . A caliphate to reduce Western (read white ) global dominance.

Funny cartoon this week has

Funny cartoon this week has hooded ISIS planting crescent flag on top of White House. Obama from within bubbles out " oh, just another small set back'" BHO is a buffoon

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