It’s the Color of your Ticket not your Skin: FemiSex Congratulates black Americans Mia Love and Tim Scott, (and others!) in their history making wins last night!

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I wonder just how great it feels to be Mia Love this morning. She is the first black female elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Women who dare to get uppity and toss off the Democrat mandate that women must be Blue—remember of our 20 XX US Senators, 80% are Democrats—are brave souls. The media is severely biased against women who run as Republicans. Mia Love is looking like a star.

And Tim Scott is the first black American to be elected to the Senate from a southern state in a long time and, the first to serve in both the House and Senate. And guess who appointed Scott to his seat: yes, that would be South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

The Democrat Party has lost its moral compass under Barack Obama’s shameful divisive politics. Yes, our system is oppositional, but that should not break on skin color or the number of X chromosomes one has.

For true diversity to happen there must be women and folks of color in both parties to a substantial degree. Otherwise we just end up being TOLD how to vote based upon melatonin levels and body cavities.
Now, for another first: we have 100 women holding seats in the House. That’s out of 435 seats. We still have a long way to go to parity with men, but we sure don’t want to get there by having ONLY Democrat female House members. And as it now stands, women in the House are Democrat women by an overwhelming majority.

Slate has made an infographic of women in the House over the years that demonstrates how pervasive a problem we have: only 23 of the 100 women in the House are Republican women.
Note the change that has happened over the past 20 years or so: Blue Women have taken over the House with a significant lowering of the ratio of Red to Blue women in the House. The media make it very difficult for women to run as Republicans and women are told over and over again, Republicans do not welcome them. Bullshit. The media doesn’t welcome Red women and in fact HollyWeird and Big Media stigmatize women who DARE to vote with their hearts vs the pre-approved Democrat mandate.

As we’ve said before, and will say again: if women want parity in Government, we have to allow women to be republicans and demand a halt to the media savagely attacking Republican women. Slate is at it again, with their mention of a Blue SUPER pac devoted to demanding (yes our word) women vote Blue. Slate is one of the biggest offenders or attacking women of the wrong color (Red) on the ticket. And they fail to mention a pac (Women Lead pac) devoted to electing Red women that has recently been born.

Here are some added nice Congressional firsts: Republican Shelley Moore Capito is West Virginia’s first female senator!; Joni E, is Iowa’s first female senator! as well as the first female combat vet in the Senate; and New York Republican Elise Stefanik, is the youngest female elected to Congress!
There is room for Red women and Red minorities in our government and it’s time the media accepted that fact. Welcome. FemiSex supports both Democrats and Republicans and we were born from our support of Hillary in the spring of 2008, even before Palin came on the scene. But because of the severe media bias that women of the color Red encounter when running for office, we are especially concerned that media bias not limit women’s choice!
h/t reader Thalia who sent us a Vogue article from 2013 titled "The Female Factor." The article did not quote one Republican member of Congress. The article was in response to "a record number of congresswomen take office." Crazy nutjob Anna Wintour who lives in her Liberal Mercedes bubble didn't tolerate even a mention of any Republican other than RINOs Collins and Snow--the latter who was no longer in Congress at the time. This is the Crazy Blue Media that plugs its ears and cover's its eyes to any woman other than Blue pols. This year get ready to see take down pieces on the Red women who just came to Congress....well, not the Black Red woman, but they will go for blood on the White Reds for sure. Bigots at Vogue suck.


The Democrat Women Only crowd is already at it. Feministing nut job Jessica V says, if you vote for lower taxes, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Feministing supported Barack over Hillary. Enough said.

Jessica Valenti from

Jessica Valenti from Feministing actually wonders what is wrong with Republican women. A common theme in media. New Yorker did a similar thing wondering "What's Up with White women? They Voted for Mitt Romney."



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