It's time to demand the end to Black on White Violence that plagues our nation; just as is was right to do the reverse back in the day

From NYDailyNews: "Three [black] brutes were caught on camera viciously assaulting an unsuspecting 21-year-old [white girl] in a rapidly gentrifying area of Brooklyn, according to a video released by police Monday." Now can you imagine if three white men did this to a black girl? The media would be all OVER it, declaring it a hate crime. Here not so much. The Today Dhow won't play this tape incessantly; the New York Times won't A1 this story and NYDaily news didn't bother mention the race of the attacking scum, but we did. This video (below) is horrifying.

It is time to demand an end to Black on White violence. Once, we as a nation, did the right thing: we demanded an end to white on black violence. Now that that has been mostly quelled, it is time to turn our attention to the plague of black on white violence in our nation. And hope the black community will attend to ending the plague of black on black violence. Shame was an important tool in ending white on black violence in this country and so it must be a tool to end black on white and black on black violence. If the nutball Lefty media insist on pretending this in not a problem, then all races will continue to suffer.


check out this vid from XX

check out this vid from XX Slate where they claim that all colors sexually verbally assault women when in fact 90% of the time it's men of color, being abusive.

What about the fact that

What about the fact that serial killers are now often men of color, such as Darren Vann. Radial Left Mainstream Media won't splash this guy's face across our TV screens. The public will get a one-and-done story on this monster.

Breaking news : (likely

Breaking news : (likely white) girl raped by black male on Upper East Side of New York. This happens every day in this country: black males attack white women. This is the very rare instance where media did name the race of the suspect.

Suspect asks woman for light, rapes her against Upper East Side building: NYPD

The attack happened along E. 76th St., between First and York Aves., about 4:40 a.m. Friday. The suspect, described by police only as a short black man wearing a black hoodie, fled on foot.

another white girl dead by

Shhhhsh, the violence that

Shhhhsh, the violence that dare not speak its name.

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