Mass Rape Darfur and Media Misogyny link together to Terrorize Women Globally

Slate Sexism photoshoped pic of Palin.jpg

Per Human Rights Watch, Feb 2015: Sudanese army forces raped more than 200 women and girls over 36 hours in an organized attack on the north Darfur town of Tabit last October, a new Human Rights Watch report shows.

Well, now imagine if the report found: White army forces lynched more than 200 blacks over 36 hours… anywhere in the world. The NEWS would Blow Up!! But rape,…that’s just bitches gettn’ tagged, snore, per our Dem media.
Now…then remember how funny Dem Media thinks it is when Louis CK and Mike Tyson make funny rape jokes about females who have DIS-pleased them. Just because you don’t actually rape Sarah Palin Louis Scumbag CK doesn’t mean you are not inciting other to rape and maim. A global culture of violence against women is borne of the backs of those who make light of, or even sanction, violence against women who displease men.
Think! When you sexualize a woman who displeases you, you are dehumanizing her and by extension all women who displease are then seen by others as targets for dehumanizing sexualization.


Democrats are way more nasty

Democrats are way more nasty to women compared to Republicans. Fact. It was sexist far left ppl who attacked Hillary in the vilest way.

link to contrast what Dem

link to contrast what Dem Media do with white male hunters vs white female hunters
Media Sluts Sarah Palin for hunting a moose; Lauds Mark Zuckerberg as ethical for hunting bison. Yes really!

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