Media Silence on Scale of Minority-Committed Violence only Hurts Minorities; Hero Cop killed by black male in Ohio

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White Cop Killed in Ohio by black male who was asked to leave restaurant by staff. Black male killer has extensive arrest record.

Woman (race unknown) raped and set on fire by black male.

Asian male pushed to his death from subway platform by black male, who had extensive rap sheet.

Six [black teens] arrested in gang rape near Fla. High School

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A (likely white) woman was raped on the Upper East Side of Manhattan by a black male.

From the write up:

A 29-year-old woman was raped up against an Upper East Side building early Friday by a man who had stopped her by asking for a light, police said.
The attack happened about 4:40 a.m. along E. 76th St., between First and York Aves.
The woman was walking home when the suspect approached her from behind and asked if she could help him light a smoke, police said. When she reached into her pocketbook, the suspect — described by police as a short black man — grabbed her, forced her against a nearby building and violated her.
She was later treated at a local hospital.
The suspect ran off and remained at large Friday afternoon. He was described by police as standing about 5-foot-6 and wearing a black hoodie with white writing on it. A fuller description was not immediately available.

--note to ladies, use demographic information regarding crime stats to determine your response to folks on the street. 85% of rapes in New York committed by minorities.

Black male raped and murdered white female in North Carolina
“The [black] man accused of murdering a popular high school guidance counselor first kidnapped and sexually abused the 31-year-old before strangling her to death, according to an indictment unveiled Monday."

Black male beats and robs elderly white man after ATM withdrawal.

Black male knocks teeth out of female cop attempting to arrest him.

Then there is this: two teen males in the Bronx, a heavily minority section of New York, recently raped and sodomized two teen girls at their school, the Urban Science Academy. The victims are, get this, suing the city for $60 million. Yeah it’s the taxpayer’s fault.

And now it has happened again this fall, as Kevin Simpson, 19, is arrested for the rape of a 15 year-old classmate at Bronx high school. Simpson has a long rap sheet, according to the NYPost.

And just in today’s NYDaily news, there is a black male, Walter Barnes, “who allegedly posed as a police officer, sexually assaulted teen in Brooklyn.”

And then a picture of a black male being cuffed in a NY subway station, after being subdued by strap hangers –the black male had attacked a fellow black, only the fellow was elderly.

And on it goes and goes and goes. The percentage of violence crime committed by minorities is a Prime, if not the number one, reason they are held back as a whole in our society. If Democrats really wanted to help minorities they would speak up loudly about this percentage problem so good, kind, hard-working folks of color are not jaded by numbers that work against them.


Truth. Black offending rate

Black offending rate (34.4 per 100,000) was almost eight times higher than whites (4.5 per 100,000), according to the report.

Translation, black kill at 8 times the rate white kill.

Giuliani said there “are very few” white intraracial murders compared to black intraracial murders.
Washington Post says, "true"

This is MSM for you: Front

This is MSM for you: Front page on New York Times, rookie Asian cop accidentally kills black man with long rap sheet. No front page coverage: Black man with long rap sheet kills Ohio cop trying to save patrons in a pub.

The young black male

The young black male accidentally shot in New York projects was just out of jail and had some 2 dozen prior arrests. He was a punk who'd already fathered children. His life not spent well.

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