Meet the Press has Four Democrats to Single Republican on Panel

Note the fact that Meet the Press has four Democrats to one Republican on it's panel today and you understand why no one other than hardcore Leftists watch MTP anymore. And watch batshit crazy Missy Andrea Mitchel work her mouth into a knot when confronted with the truth about Michael Brown, who was a thief, drug abuser, thug and who assaulted a cop and tried to kill a cop.

And the same is true for ABC's This Week-- Four Blues to one Dem. Snore. And sadly, the show was bizarre, when black pundit said Wilson's testimony was not to be believed because the cop said thug Michael Brown looked like he was bulking himself up to charge him. What does that even mean, wondered dumbass Jenani. Well, dude try watching thug Brown in his robbery video as he puffs or bulks himself up to strong arm the man he was robbing.

Watch dumb Jenani and dumber Coooookie Roberts who pretends Grand Jury is something not to trust.
That we should have a trial for everyone, and dispose of Grand Jury process to determine if there is cause for a criminal trial. Roberts is dangerous liar, Jenani is just sad.

Now here is an interesting video to watch and chew upon.

What's funny and very sad: Face the Nation has all dems on their panel, and no Republicans! ick!


Meet the Press is just sad.

Meet the Press is just sad. Never watch it.
here's the link to All Dem All the Time Face the Nation Panel today.

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