Memo to the Left Wing on Tax Day from Middle Class XX— Request Deferred Gratification not More Taxes


Today a Left-Wing Liberal publication enjoins the Feds to Raise Our Taxes! Yesterday in Manhattan a poster in the transit system features a young black gal identified as a single mom who laments she should not have to choose between food for her kids and buying health insurance. Hmmm, how about this instead: don’t make middle class women choose between having kids at all and underwriting the basic needs of single inner city moms. If we can defer the gratification of making babies until we have the foundation to offer them a shot at success, so can that gal in the poster.

Equality is a two way street. If you want equality then make the choices that bring equality.

Hillary Clinton is trying to tag team Obama for another 8 years of Tax the Middle Class to give to those who have never been told to educate before you procreate. O-Hillary is saying: gals in the Middle Class are now expected to pay for their own tuition and student loans, and those of the poor; to pay for their own health insurance (now grossly inflated due to the costs of ObamaCare) while also paying the premiums that cover the costs for the poor; to skimp and save for a mortgage down payment while simultaneously coving the cost of debt forgiveness for those who put down nothing for a home they could not afford and then used that house for a piggy bank.

Hillary, if we really want everyone to have an equal shot at success that means one thing: telling folks the truth about what that takes on their part. Wanna know what that is: just ask any of the 20, 30 40 year-old women sitting on that train every day, trudging back and forth to work, paying for the things they can afford and not asking other women to pay their way in this world for the majority of their lives.


It is the opposite of

It is the opposite of progressive to tell poor uneducated young women they can have children and have the same (equal) lifestyle of women acted with responsibility in terms of their uterine outputs.

But "progressives" don't really want equality, nor to the expect it. They want more generational poverty, which gives them more power, which they use to enrich themselves.

@catwoman That's very well

That's very well put. The crazy racism of low expectations drives so much of the extreme Left Wing. They tell their kids to act in ways which will bring about stability in their financial and personal lives, but they feel that the poor minority community is incapable of carrying out responsible behavior

Yep. Spot on.

Yep. Spot on.

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