Message to the FemiSex

Women are the Majority in America. This is reflected in our percentage of the Supreme Court…oh wait, women have a 10 % stake there. Ok, then in our Fortune 1000 companies as CEO…nope, it is 2% there. Perhaps in our ability to grab bylines in major media periodicals?…naw, that’s coming it at 15%.

The American clock ticks to the beat of Capitalism and these rules say: 51% is a majority shareholder! To the Majority goes control. The American clock ticks to the beat of Democracy and these rules say: 51% is the Majority and… to the Majority goes control.

This is not your grandmamma’s world. Or is it? The Majority doesn’t need a permission slip. Or does it? The Majority can decide. Will it?

What is a FemiSexer?

A FemiSexer refuses to be defined by a paunchy, drug-addled radio host who equates asking for political, social and economic equality with ethnic cleansing.

A FemiSexer keeps her grandmamma on the bus; a FemiSexer is Hot and Smart and is unwilling to drag women (herself and others) down to gain false affection from the minority. A FemiSexer is not easily manipulated.

Head Scratch…Yes, the Majority still requests equality be granted to them by the minority!

Head NOD: FemiSexers will no longer ignore their rights as a Majority.