Muslim Bigots on wanting Sharia Law and Motherhood as the “highest position”

Dangerous minds. Anti-freedom minds. Anti-women minds. Anti-American minds.

And ….
Ah the lovely Muslim love of women who bear the fruit of men’s looms. Here is Muslim male, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Erdogan added: "Motherhood is the highest position ... You cannot explain this to feminists. They don't accept motherhood. They have no such concern."

WTF? Feminists don’t accept motherhood? Asshole bigot. Feminists (real ones, not the fake ones) understand that motherhood is not the “highest position” a woman can have. It’s a great one, and to some/many it may be the pinnacle of their lives. Great. But asshole Erdogan only knows that if he wants to have a bunch of his sperm take root and pass on his bloodline he HAS TO HAVE A WOMAN to get that job done. But to be sure it is done to his liking, he knows the using motherhood as “the highest position” is a means to get control of woman. Feminists understand that the highest position of a man or a woman is the one they choose for themselves, not the one that his ordered on high by men to be the “highest” position they can attain.

Fatherhood may also be the “highest position” but…I don’t hear asswad Erdogan sayn’ that. And btw, fuck all the men out there who believe that only motherhood confers the “highest” qualities on a woman. Because she gave you kids doesn’t mean anything other than that. Loving your blood and having them love you, or loving those who will care for you in old age and pass on your genes is very primal behavior. It is so NOT the highest behavior. It is self-serving tribal behavior. So let’s get real about both fatherhood and motherhood. It’s lovely in a million ways. But it is so not saintly. It is utterly ordinary.


"Feminists (real ones, not

"Feminists (real ones, not the fake ones)"

That is most important distinction in this post. Fake feminists now abound and they don't give a crap about the danger to women posed by importing Sharia lovers into our country.

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