New York Times ONLY tolerates Protests on behalf of Thugs and Criminals such as Michael Brown and Eric Garner

de Blasio and Sharpton, anti cop duo

What does the NYTimes have to say when New York Police give silent protest to nutjob Mayor Bill de Blasio in the form of a silent protest or a mild heckle? “These are disgraceful acts” says the NYTimes. Ha, ain’t that RICH?
Booing and heckling and turning one’s back to a man who has, like President Obama, shown public and dangerous disrespect for the police, going so far as to suggest that the police are a danger to you based upon your skin color, is far from disgraceful. It is not only appropriate, but 100% needed. Big Bird Bill de Blasio is an incompetent and lazy man.

The CRAZY Times says such peaceful protesting by police demonstrates a “snarling sense of victimhood that seems to be motivating the anti-de Blasio campaign...” Nevermind the fact the de Blasio (aka Big Bird) has slapped and slapped at police since he took office and…even in the face of the cold-blooded execution of two NYPD, Big Birdy boiled mad when it is suggested the anti-cop protests spurred those murders. Common Sense to Big Ugly Bird de Blasio: Duh.

Now compare and contrast the Times hateful anti-cop op-ed to their loving tribute to the not-silent, and wholly disruptive protests the tangled the streets of New York by those who protested the fact that two men--who were clearly breaking the law and resisting arrest—died because of their own actions, aggression in one case, resistance in the other:

To that the Times says:

Those protesters “showed a vivid grasp of symbolism.” And despite the fact of oft occurring chants of wanting to see dead cops, the CRAZY NYTimes called those protests a form of “peaceable dissent that lent credibility and potency to their demands.”

What would those demands be exactly one might reasonably wonder? Should a cop who was beaten by a robbery suspect and then charged at by said criminal lay down his life so a black criminal might be able to go on about his brutal ways?

Or, should the cops not arrest a man who had 31 prior arrests, who was breaking the law by selling cigarettes that were untaxed. Bill Big Bird WANTS those who deny Big Government their cigarette taxes arrested. He has recently moved to make laws against selling contraband cigs tough and tougher,…but if a man resists arrest, and because he is HUGE dies of a heart attack in the process of arrest, then hell with the cops?

There is NO logic anymore with the Democrat media.
The NYTimes wingnuts say in their op-ed “Dying in, Rising up” that “young leaders of police-reform movement, like their counterparts in Ferguson, Mo., and other cities have creatively used social media and their own energy in translating grievance into mass action, assembling crowds at the drop of a pin…” The Times says the Mayor is right to respect the protesters.

But when a bunch of cops—after having one of those darling anti-cop protesters executed two innocent NYPD officers—turn their backs on the Big Bird Mayor to protest his role in amping up anti-cop sentiment, turn their backs on Big Bird de Blasio when he has the gall to come to the hospital where the two mortally wounded officers were taken…then the Times says….yep, can you believe the sickening double standard…says cops are “disgraceful.”

Here is a bit from the NYPost on why Big Bird is hated by so many cops just now and why so many New Yorkers find the mayor repugnant:

de Blasio, …shows more respect for Al Sharpton than for the cops who risk their lives to keep all New Yorkers safe. And that the mayor has so little regard for the families of hundreds of people who died in a plane crash that he was late to the annual moment of silence in Queens. And that he erects a tall fence around Gracie Mansion, then lies about the reason and the cost. And that he demands that landlords freeze rents while charging a whopping $5,000 a month for his vacant Brooklyn house.

And when head Cop Bratton directly linked the murders of those two cops to the anti-cop protesters, Big Bird Blew his beak:
More from NYPost:

Prevention is the essence of police work, and nobody does it better than New York’s Finest.

It was left to Bratton to cite the link, saying in a TV interview that the murders were a “direct spinoff” of the protests.
City Hall was reportedly furious, but Bratton had only said what was obviously true.

Cops are not perfect, and they must use discretion. But when your life is in danger, go big; and if you have someone who has been arrested 31 times in the past…., if cops are under pressure to walk away, then cops….be sure to make a media call…get the media to record a public statement that if the mayor wants something to be illegal then he has to back that up with the fact that someone arrested over 30 times can’t just say, nah, I can break the law and you can’t arrest me, cause I don’t wanna be arrested.

Have the man who is selling loosies tell the Mayor on camera: fuck you Big Bird, cause YOUR laws do not apply to ME. Let the Eric Garner’s of New York tell the Mayor on camera….law and order stops here, this stops today. Let the City see the cops retreat, and then see where Big Bird is from there on out. And perhaps, maybe take down that fence around Gracie and ask Big Bird to give up his security detail, cause you know…laws and just for the law-abiding.


The media wants to be part of

The media wants to be part of something, anything, so they make up a narrative and stick to it, even when the facts prove them wrong. In fact, the media knows that if they write a false narrative and get it out there fast, it will stick, despite evidence to the contrary. Hands up Don't Shoot is the LIE OF THE YEAR.

The New York Times creates false victimhood for blacks and then grips when the cops become upset when they are executed as a pretty direct result of that narrative of false victimhood.

The trinity of corrupt

The trinity of corrupt asshols: obama, sharp ton, de Blasio.

And Sharpton, who now boasts a close relationship with Obama and Mayor de Blasio, is in a stronger negotiating position than ever.
“Once Sharpton’s on board, he plays the race card all the way through,” said a source who has worked with the Harlem preacher. “He just keeps asking for more and more money.”

Want to ...Not be labeled a racist?
Then you need to pay Al Sharpton.

Then pay Barack and bend over for de Blasio

I'm thrilled that again cops

I'm thrilled that again cops turned their backs on de Blasio. The mayor is a total jerk. He doesn't deserve respect, unless of course, you are in this country illegally or have decided welfare should support you and your brats. Only deadbeats and lawbreakers should like the current mayor.

Nice put together

Nice put together

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