Obama and Jesus and Big retro-gressive liberal media—all part of THE Boy’s ONLY club.


I canceled my long-time subscription to the New Yorker this year and here is a great example of why:

He {Obama} was telling voters: This election is not just about me, or even primarily about me; it’s about protecting the country from a bunch of crazed ideologues. As it happens, the charges Obama levelled at his political enemies were largely true.

Wow. This is the New Yorker telling its readers that if you vote Republican you are supporting a bunch of “crazed ideologues.” Can’t they let readers think for themselves? Nope- you dear reader must be insulted into voting the way New Yorker writers tell you to vote. Nevermind that in advocating for higher taxes on capital gains Obama-- while admitting that this would certainly lead to less tax money collected by the government—doesn’t care about such things as more money for government while allowing more money to remain with investors; Obama cares about being what might well be termed a “crazy ideologue.” I mean what is more nuts than passing up more government money so you can stick it to those who have worked hard and long in order to have money to invest in the stock market. Sounds like one bat-shit crazy ideologue to me.

Big Media has completely lost it. No kidding. No psychoanalysis couch is big enough to treat their Obamaphile pathology. Big Media is not just upsetting, it has become outright hysterical. While they call the GOP “crazed” they are busy telling us Obama is Jesus Christ. (Yes they did that in 2008 as well.)
Here is Missy Dowd in a column titled “What Would Jesus do at the Masters?”

THERE was a boys’ club, of course, a band of ardent, jockeying disciples. But as his fame grew, the messiah was also surrounded by women and talked about women with great respect. With his father far away, the golden boy was most influenced by his strong mother and the women in his inner circle.
I’m talking about the real messiah, not Barack Obama, although it applies to both….Swaddled by women on stage, he bragged on Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

REALLY? Obama bragging on Hillary? And we are just THAT dumb to swallow this shit? Obama who HATES Hillary with a Capital H? The man who used SEXISM to swat down the qualified woman, that is and was Hillary, for the job so he could get his piece of the pie never mind how unqualified he was to take on the job or how much he planned to ransack our country for the sake of HIS massive ego?
Not once does Jesus say he was MOST influenced by his lowly mother; Jesus makes it clear the BIG Dude in the sky was the one to worry about, to revere. Mom was nice; someone to mend and sew, but not worthy of say…an appointment on the Apostle Council or even the person to turn over the keys to when he left—that be Peter.

Now, I’m not dissing on God or Jesus or any religion here. I am saying the Obama is EXACTLY the person who would have written this:

“And it was said, ‘Whomever divorces his wife, let him give her a certificate of dismissal;’ but I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except for the cause of unchasity, makes her commit adultery and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” ~Jesus Christ

So that was supposedly (per the Bible) the exact words of Jesus. He basically said: Boys; hear ye this: if your wife fucks around on you, ditch her (psst, notice that I make no mention of you balling about a hundred other chicks, wink, wink.) And if you do divorce her, not for being unfaithful, but because say she packed on 20 extra pounds and you are sick of looking at her, no problem because by ditching her you make HER guilty of adultery. This is EXACTLY Obama logic and the logic of the media.
Hillary was unchaste because she ran against THE BLACK BOY and that means she was an unclean one. And even now that she is washed up pretty good and giving Obama head in the Boy’s room and Obama has her on the side while banging all his other women (politically, that is) she is still a dirty adulteress.
Maureen Dowd may think women are JUST that stupid. But why should women go to work until they are 80 to support the nanny state Obama wants? Why must white women have far fewer children than they’d like because of the taxes they must pay to support single women on welfare for their entire section 8 lives? Why did Jesus Christ say if your man divorces YOU then YOU are the sinner? The same reason retro-gressive Libs in Big Media tell you: hey lady…vote for a Republican and you are going to Hell. No matter that you worked hard and played by all the rules so that you can fund those who did not…fuck you. The Boy’s Club tells you what to think and what to think is this: Barack Hussein Obama is Jesus Christ. Doubt that and you are a wingnut crazy GOPer going straight to hell…why because WE are divorcing you bitch.
Before Missy Dowd compares Obama to Jesus she should remember it was Jesus who appointed an ALL MALE Cabinet and Jesus who said it is the Woman who is damned if her hubby ditches her. It was Obama who said Hillary was BAD because only SHE wanted to force you to buy health insurance and it was Obama (in this picture) who gave Hillary the finger. Worst of all: it was Obama and his wife who said Hillary was unfit for duty as POTUS because Bill cheated. Yes, there is a common theme here and it is simple: boys will be boys and girls will be damned. Obama has embraced that theme over and over and used it to get himself elected. Dirty boy Obama. Dirty Boy.




Remember. Shooting a black teen who is beating you to death is a hate crime in the eyes of the black community.
But the black teenagers in this video are not committing a hate crime as they beat, rob and debase this white man, just being common criminals. Race played no part in this as they hump his white head after robbing, beating and stripping him.

This is slightly off topic but reminds me of the double standard applied to whites and blacks by the in the Tank for Obama media.

Hold the presses. Barack has

Hold the presses. Barack has feed the multitudes. Last line of story buried on page 34: the multitudes just emptied your bank account and are now dancing with your date after screwing you in the rear. Obama 2012.

White culture was originally

White culture was originally pagan and worshiped Gods and Goddesses. Then the desert middle-eastern religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) came along and we were left with only one male God and women were given no divine representation at all. We should dump the desert religions and go back to our pagan roots.

This is interesting. Jesus

This is interesting. Jesus as Obama by the media. The media looks a wee bit crazed themselves.

Obama doesn't give a shit about white women, but he does want to take their money and redistribute it to women of color who don't work or who have children they can't feed or as Bill Cosby says, black women who don't police their children.

Poor black women would be crazy not to vote for Obama and white women are crazy if they do. Just sending a message they they are on the hook to feed, medicate, house and nuture black children while having none or one themselves.

White single professional

White single professional women pay very high taxes because most have not mortgage deduction and no child deductions. Obama lusts after their money. He is robbing social security and he is one crazed robber baron. He robs the middle class women to give to the poor single mother of three who has decided to live in federally supplied housing for the rest of her life.

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