ObamaCare (ObamaCaid) is Killing the Middle Class

What is striking is the level of subterfuge in Democrat-leaning published reports on the ObamaCaid—which is a programme of massive net loss for those who buy insurance with welfare assistance, and significant net gain for those who rely on others to pay for their insurance. For those who would like to think the New England Journal of Medicine is fair and balanced when it comes to Obama’s health care “law” –quotations used because Obama has broken his own law repeatedly over the years—think again. Here is an interesting sentence for NEJM item:

What is striking is that despite major changes in health care since 2010 — including increased health insurance security protections and benefits, the expansion of Medicaid, and subsidized private insurance plans, which have reduced the proportion of Americans who are uninsured from 18.0% to 13.4% (Gallup, July 2013–June 2014) — public approval of the ACA has not increased since the law was enacted. Today, as was the case in 2010 and 2012,5 only a minority of Americans approve of either the ACA or the President's handling of the health care issue

WOW, the level of dishonesty in this wording is horrific. The authors say that ObamaCaid has “increased health insurance security protections and benefits”.

Well tell that to those who have lost their health insurance only to have been forced to re-buy it at a higher cost, with higher deductibles and severely restricted access to doctors and medical institutions.

The Authors clearly indicate their DEEP bias in favor of ObamaCaid, with such a sentence. What is laughable is that they express (implicitly of course,) wonderment that the America Public is so damned stupid that they don’t know what is good for them.

(PSST…maybe the authors should talk to the employees of a local drugstore to find out that their “increased benefits” included a deductible that went from ~1K to over 4K and that their co-pays went up significantly, unless they were getting a mammogram or maybe a pap test. Ask them if they’d rather pay a $20 co-pay for that mammogram, as they did before the Ha “Affordable” health care act, (ACA), and keep their 1K deductible and their doctors or…. if they are NOT sitting Happy with no co-pay for that mammogram, but now have to shell out 4K out of pocket before they can see their doctor for say tonsillitis. Hmmmm, dear NEJM authors, perhaps your ears are ringing from your Harvard Ivory Tower a bit too much to hear the distress cries. Of, what about those who must pay 12K in deductible, for insurance that won’t cover them at the best hospitals were something really bad happened, God forbid, but with 12K deductible, that’s really what you’re buying anyway—catostophic coverage. And remember, on top of that crazy deductible, folks not getting welfare payments to buy their insurance have to shell out thousands every month just to have the “privilege” of a 12K deductible that only allows them to see so-so docs at so-so clinics.


From the polling reported in the article:

About one in four (27%) believe the law has hurt their family, whereas 14% believe it has helped them (KFF, 2014). However, Americans are more divided over the impact of the ACA on the country as a whole. Nearly half (45%) believe that the law has had a mostly negative effect on the country to date, whereas 33% think it has had a mostly positive effect, and 18% do not think it has had much of an effect (Pew Research Center, September 2014).

You have almost hear the Guberite authors thinking….. Stupid dolts.

And perhaps the most dishonest this:

Regardless of the outcome of the election, the ACA cannot be repealed unless President Obama concurs, which is highly unlikely.

It can be repealed but that means a Republican potus and Senate and House.
But ..oh, way too much to say out loud by these authors. Eye roll. Dudes, with your Ivory Tower Insurance and dream of killing middle class care to give it to everyone who rolls in from Central America, or Africa or the moon, …the middle class who is getting hammered by the Un-Affordable Health Care Act of Obama, hates this law and wants it gone….yesterday.

Now…let’s turn of a moment of intense honesty about government-controlled health care. The New Yorker—an extremely Democrat publication—wrote an item last year about PTSD and a veteran’s death here in America, titled “In the Crosshairs.” I quote:

[Chris] Kyle confessed that he, too, struggled with P.T.S.D. Fortunately, he did not have to rely on the V.A., because he had private health coverage.

Let that last sink in. Fortunately the man didn’t have to rely on government-controlled health care. Wow. Of course, that was buried in a tiny line in the middle of thousands of words, so no one would notice that the Left had spoken a truth they dare never say in the headlines where someone other than this obscure website would note. And it the New Yorker was asked about this, they would dance 15 different ways to get around this truth. But it is a truth that Americans get…and they get where Obama wants to take their healthcare and guess what Dems…..Americans don’t like and…we are smart enough to see what Obama and Jonathan Gruber and other Ivory Tower dipshits want to do to the Middle Class: bend them over for the lower classes to ram. The rich and the Ivory Tower will be fine…the Middle Class…well, you know…they’re collateral damage to the Revolution to Transform America.

And if the Ivory Tower wants to see WHY the Middle Class HATES ObamaCaid or better described as the UN-Affordable Care Act, meet Melody, not her real name, a young gal who before the so-called “increased health insurance security protections and benefits” the NEJM Democrat authors tout, had insurance that covered the cost of her care with only a $35 co-pay, but post ObamaCaid, after she had her insurance dumped and had to buy a Bronze plan, can’t afford to have a hyperthyroid condition treated. Too bad that she’s not here illegally or all she’d have to do is show up to the best hospital ER in the city, demand a translator and Melody would be sitting pretty.


A Face Of ObamaCare—Insurance that provides the Illusion [not the reality] of coverage.

I hope you take the time to read this item written by a physician.
Obama is counting on the Middle Class dissatisfaction with ObamaCaid to lead to a call for Universal Free Care, but Obama doesn’t get it yet…Americans are really NOT that stupid. We will elect those who can repeal and replace the monstrosity of ObamaCaid, and we will.


For those who actually have

For those who actually have to buy insurance through ObamaRipoff without taxpayer assistance this is a nightmare. My deductible tripled and I lost my Ob-Gyn and my primary care. Also I now have co insurance. But for those who rely on my tax dollars to pay for their insurance it's all good.

More effective escalating

First paragraph says it all.

First paragraph says it all.


Physician Praveen Arla is witnessing a reversal of health care fortunes: Poor, long-uninsured patients are getting Medicaid through Obamacare and finally coming to his office for care. But middle-class workers are increasingly staying away.

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