Ohio Gov. John Kasich Turn $8 Billion State Debt into $1.5 Billion Surplus: Times calls him “Off-Putting”; Questions his “Temperament”

Gov. John Kasich Heals Ohio.jpg

"Mr. Kasich is his record as governor. He won a second term in November...by a two-to-one ratio, taking 86 of 88 counties. On his watch, Ohio’s $8 billion budget shortfall has turned into a $1.5 billion surplus. He has increased funding for mental health services and takes credit for 352,000 new private sector jobs."
That comes at the END of a NYTimes item on Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich.

That should be the lead graf—and would be, if Kasich were a Democrat, but…because he’s a Republican, the Democrat Times opened with Kasich “bolting upright” to declare himself more conservative than Scott Walker.

The Times derided Kasich as “off-putting”-- “a name-dropping” “pinball machine” who “does not stop talking unless interrupted” and says that “questions about Mr. Kasich’s temperament have dogged him throughout his career.”
HA….and that’s only when Kasich is a far distant contender for POTUS in 2016.

Obama was and is the “golden child” of the Times, according to the Times. When Obama was running the Times painted a totally positive picture of Obama, …of course his farts could run cars, and lower energy dependence, and his words raised the dead and healed the sick.
But the truth is and always was that Obama is a LIAR who has blathered on to the public in never-ending talking, while tricking them behind their backs. And his record is not something that could ever be put in the lead graf of a Times story on Obama, because he has spent us into Wild Debt and Weakened the Country on every level.
For more on Democrat Media Bias read tk



Today the Atlantic Calls

Today the Atlantic Calls Kasich "strange."

I was a reliable blue vote.

I was a reliable blue vote. Now, not so much. My unused uterus is now a tax maker for the Left. I work so others don't have to.

Yes, well, the Times is wed

Yes, well, the Times is wed to Karl Marx. Fiscal sanity is the enemy of Democrats these days.

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