UN Report: Libya Beset by Unprecedented Turmoil, Lawlessness. [Thanks Obama and Hillary]

obama Hillary Libya mess.jpg

A new (Feb 2015) report by the U.N. Human Rights Office and the U.N. Support Mission in Libya finds a nation beset by turmoil, lawlessness and armed conflict.~ Voice of America
[Libya is now] a society run by armed factions determined to exert their power by force, the report, authors say, shows that Libya is facing the worst political crisis and escalation of violence since the 2011 armed conflict toppled long-reigning dictator Moammar Gadhafi. VOA

Yeah the Democrat VOA fails to mention this was Obama’s war of choice—a war he didn’t bother to get Congressional Approval to wage. He bought it and he broke it and he left it to fester and when inside it (Benghazi) a terror attack on the anniversary of 9-11 killed our Ambassador, he cowardly sent Susan Rice out to lie for him. And when he was caught in his “it’s all the video’s fault” lie, Democrat CNN via Democrat Candy Crowley LIED to protect Obama from his own “its all the video’s fault” lie, that Hillary embraced as well, by the way.

Now Google UN Report Libya and see what you get. Pretty much nada from Dem Media. ABC online pulled out a piece of the report about the flow of weapons in and out of Libya, but no blaring headlines as honest at the UN Report—that after Obama warred on Libya, pushing out/killing Gadhafi, the country is in “unprecedented turmoil and lawlessness.”

Hillary is the one who pushed for a US War on Libya and got one, albeit she was too dumb to see that Obama would undercut those efforts and leave the country to implode for Islamic Radicals to overtake and further destabilize the region—a fond wish of Obama’s, that he’s been very effective at realizing.
Obama purposefully erased the Democracy that was getting firmly established in Iraq and left the country to rot and…that is what Directly led to ISIS and where the world is now…fucked.
And when Western Democracy is pushed out by Obama it means women get tripled fucked. And that…is the Democrat War on Women Globally.




BHO is total disaster and the

BHO is total disaster and the next president will have to spend 8 years scrubbing Barack's skid marks out of the Oval Office.

Would be hillarrrrous [sic]

Would be hillarrrrous [sic] if not tragically true.

Wanted Hillary. Loved Hillary. Can no longer punch it for Hillary.

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