Unemployment Stuck at Extremely High Levels Under Obama’s Tenure; PS, Google Sucking Jobs from Middle Class While Keeping Obama in Office

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Here is a fact that the Democrat-controlled mass media keeps hidden from those who don’t go looking: if unemployment numbers were an accurate reflection of who is really unemployed—that is, counted those who have just dropped out of workforce and are now likely living on welfare of some sort—our unemployment rate is a whopping 10 percent.

But rather that seeing an “Unemployment Stuck at 10% Under Obama’s Tenure; Historically High Levels of Labor Force Participation” as a headline, what Jane Q. Public gets is:

…a tiny outlet story in The Week that asks “Is the internet killing middle class jobs?”

The answer is, of course, yes. But The Week, which is an Extreme Left publication, wants to deflect blame away from Google--another Extreme Left organization, one that is committed to using their vast empire of your personal data to sway elections to the LEFT. (Yes Google was very much a player in Keeping Obama in Office in 2012, using: yep, your collected stashed data sets.)

Yes, of course, Google and others like Lefty Amazon, are robbing the middle class of jobs while enriching Silicon Valley boyz with robes of gold. But , best not to say that too loud.
And as for that unemployment fact—the fact that Obama has worked very hard to move folks onto permanent welfare programs, like disability and long-term foods stamp use—well that is hidden from poor Jane Q.P.

In fact the numbers that the Left runs are always run from the Bush years, and talk about the decade as a whole, rather than showing what Obama’s tenure has done to our country.

And…for those who want to cry recession, well you have to understand that recession was a Direct result of loose-y goose-y bank loans to those who had no chance in heck of living up to repayment but nonetheless, were deemed to be creditworthy by Democrats (and yes some Republicans) who demanded that home loans go to everyone who came a asking. Obama was a main proponent of the policies that directly led to the housing crash.

Ok so here is the excerpt from The Week:

Now it's true that the low jobless rate has been accompanied by declining labor force participation. If you're not "participating" in the job market by actively seeking work, you aren't counted as unemployed. Indeed, if the labor force participation rate was where it was in 2007, the jobless rate would be 10 percent.

You have to tune into Opposition network to get a headline that is truthful. And folks if there is a rule of thumb it is this: Dem Controlled Mass Media will work to protect Dems so if you have Dem in Oval you NEED to watch opposition news, or you might as well Live it up Soviet Style.
George Will: If Workforce Participation Today Was As High As Day Obama Was Inaugurated, Unemployment Would Be 9.7%

excerpt: edited for brevity

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: Only 126,000 jobs were added in March. That's the weakest hiring in 15 months. Labor force participation dropped to 62.7 percent, matching the lowest since 1978. And the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta estimates first quarter growth at zero, zero percent, flat. George, what's going on here?

Let your mind go back to November last year. There was job creation of 321,000 jobs and the administration said this is a miraculous achievement and a harbinger of things to come. It wasn't a harbinger and it wasn't miraculous. During the Reagan recovery there were 23 months of job creation over 300,000. Reagan had a month of job creation of 1 million and this was at a time when there were 75 million fewer Americans. Now, never mind zero growth. We are now being told really that two percent growth may be the new normal.
If so, that's a disaster because …

And, btw, Obama’s OWN FCC thinks Google should be slapped with anti-trust suit, but hey, when Google’s has coffee with Obama more than Michelle, then, not so much.

More on this Google/Obama anti-trust stuff in future. But for now., just rest assured Google can keep on slashing the workforce and you can keep on …well, I guess working isn’t the word is it, not at 10% unemployment rates. But man what a cool bunch o’ dudes and isn’t that funny flashing Google icon fun to check out, cause you have plenty of time now to waste on GoogleNet now that you are under-employed.


Google controls the flow of

Google controls the flow of information. If that doesn't frighten you, it should.

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