#Watch4Women by HRW is Laudable but Misses Bigger Picture of Muslim Cultures Saturated in Sexism and Misogyny


Well, friends, Looks like Human Rights Watch is upset because gals can’t watch a soccer match in Iran. #Watch4Women. Color us dumbfounded. Really, women in a Muslim country lacking basic human rights? Really? Hurry up, someone, please call up Ben Affleck and let him know what’s REALLY gross. But where is HRW when you need them, say to protest the fact that men in Muslim countries often have more than one wife, …

… or that women’s day-to-day freedoms--such as going to market alone, or stepping out without putting on a mandatory head-cover to segregate them as less-free, less-equal than men--are severely restricted. #silent liberal hypocrites! Or worse, like when Obama told Muslims, don’t worry we don’t want to stop you Muslim men from mandating women dress as ordered by a misogynistic patriarchal society. (Imagine if Muslim men made Black men wear head coverings to signify their less-than status! Think Obama would put on that hijab? Burka? Bullshit!)
Ha.ha try telling a Muslim man that women have degreed that men must have a female companion to run out to pick up some cigs or a carton of milk!

From Wapo today is a story of men freed from an ISIS prison in Iraq—ISIS who flourished because Obama pulled out of Iraq way too soon:

Awad said he was in prison for attempting to escape Hawijah with his two wives and 10 children.

[he was]Held in an Islamic State prison near the northern Iraqi town of Hawijah
[another ISIS prisoner] Abu Ahmed’s frequent trips to the nearby city of Kirkuk, outside the Islamic State’s territory, had raised suspicions. When the militants seized control of Hawijah, about 150 miles north of Baghdad, in June 2014, he had resisted pressure to join them.

“They knew me personally very well, my family, my tribe,” he said. “They were looking for influential people to join.”

Life in the town went from “white to black” when the militants took over, he said.
In May, five armed Islamic State members appeared at his house to arrest him. After he was blindfolded and driven to prison that day, he did not see daylight for another five months.

Funny right? The poor dude lost his basic freedom to travel around without permission. This Muslim man says his life when from “white to black” once the mean ol’ ISIS Muslims took over.
So where is HRW on castigating Muslim culture over the overall treatment of women? Where is their #FullEquality4AllMuslimXX or #BanShariaLaw

Where are they on asking the hard questions of a culture that treats women as prisoners day in and day out? Or what about the Muslim Culture that butchers the genitals of women so they can’t enjoy a basic human right—an orgasm. Fuck that!

How bout this? If Muslim culture allows often allows men more than one wife let’s see #HRWPromos3Husbands4EveryMuslimXX. Or how about #4EveryCutClitClip2Testicles

That is what’s needed HRW to really shake up things up and get the Ball Rolling on Sexual Equality in Muslim Cultures. Remember in Egypt over 90% of women are sexually mutilated by Muslim “Culture.” FemiSex thinks that’s not really a culture; it’s torture.




The poor dude lost his basic

The poor dude lost his basic freedom to travel around without permission.
So where is HRW on castigating Muslim culture over the overall treatment of women? Where is their #FullEquality4AllMuslimXX or #BanShariaLaw

Excellent rejoinder! Liberal pooches are first to yell racism when normal people point out the truth, which is in fact that women barely have the right to "travel around without permission" in many/most Muslim countries.

way to go Maher! What about

way to go Maher! What about Moderate Muslims by the Millions Democrat Media speaks about?

"Not everybody in the Middle East can live in Europe," the HBO host said in the online-only segment Overtime which immediately follows the broadcast.

Maher said instead of relocating refugees they should be trained to fight for their country. He said it should be up to the Middle East to make the Middle East a better place to live.


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