White Flight Video; Woman Wilding on Subway gets Slapped

White Flight explained in one video, both literally and figuratively.

Is it ever OK to slap a woman? Here is the link to access without having to sign in.

Notice what the man calls her before he slaps her.
I'm not sure what would have stopped this woman; and it is hard to say the man should have just up and left as she was bent on starting a fight, and going between cars is dangerous and could have been deadly in this case, had the nut woman followed him.

This woman is most definitely a pig. And she did lash out physically at him first, once he'd called her a bitch. I wonder if he'd called her a pig if she'd have still lashed out? Likely yes. But perhaps not.

Now, regarding men calling women misogynist names to dehumanize them prior to physically assaulting them:

From the NYPost:

Manhattan prosecutor was arraigned in his own courthouse Friday night for beating up a woman in an Irish bar in Kips Bay, court papers state.

Eli Cherkasky, 35, grabbed the woman by her arms and told her, “B—h, you’re a b—-h. Hit me. Why don’t you hit me?” at the bar Failte on Second Avenue near 30th Street on Nov. 1 at about 2 a.m., according to his criminal complaint.

A few minutes later Cherkasky attacked again, calling her a c–t and pushing her down onto the floor and using both his hands to choke her, the complaint states.

The beef started when Cherasky picked up the 31-year-old woman’s belongings without her permission, cops said.


There is no video here, but notice that both men needed to dehumanize women with gendered hate speech before they lashed out. This is their moral justification. In the case of the video above, the woman was aching for a fight and she was clearly out of control.

In the NYPost case there is no video, but it seems doubtful that the woman was aggressively slapping at and yelling at Cherkasky for no reason, based on the police report here. More likely she told him hands off her stuff and he didn't like being told what to do by a ...woman. But that is just a supposition. (Based on Cherkasky's arrest, I'm guessing witness accounts put the woman in the clear on this one.) The only thing we know in this case is hate speech was used before he assaulted the woman.

Update: the male in the video above had charges against him dismissed. But this poor fella had to work a late night shift, endure an assault on his commute home and then spend time in jail, before having the charges dismissed.
And today another video of black women acting out in a vicious manner.



Omg I wanted to smack the

Omg I wanted to smack the girl. But I don't think the guy should have slapped her. Too bad he couldn't have just tossed a bit of water on her.

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