Who Wins When Media Covers Up Massive Amount of Black on White Crime? Answer: NO ONE


On Wednesday September 25, 2013, a black male pushed a non-black female in front of a moving train in White Plains New York. The black male did not know the young girl he attacked, tried to kill and gravely injured. On that same day in East Garden City New York, an Asian male shot his boss and another worker, one of whom did not survive. The evening newscasts were filled with the gun violence, but no mention of the train push. Both suburban cities are about the same distance from Manhattan.

Friday morning the New York Times had a FRONT page Story about the dispute shooting, but no mention of the woman attacked by the black male.

If you Google, [White Plains woman pushed train new york times], no NYTimes coverage of the event at all is displayed. Looks like the Times ignored this story, while giving FRONT page to a gun story.

Hmmm. On Oct.1, 2013 a black man went on a wild hate crime spree, attacking five whites and stabbing them, one a toddler. The New York Times did not mention the fact the victims were all non-black. The Times ran their story on page A17 on Oct. 2, 2013.
The story title downplayed seriousness of this issue and did not address race issue at all. “Five are Injured by an Attacker with Scissors in Riverside Park.”


This on top of the daily occurrence of black on white crime in New York City. Too many to mention but….
Just this week “NYU student robbed, almost raped in Greenwich Village” reports the NYDaily News. Odds are VERY good this will NOT be on the Front Page of the New York Times.
“the woman, 20 was walking along Thompson St., between Spring and Prince Sts., after an evening study session, when the creep grabbed her from behind.” ~NYDailynews.

The slime perp is a black male. The woman is very likely not black, but her race is not identified.

This comes on the heels of two incidents in which blacks randomly attacked whites in New York in the last few weeks.

A 62-year-old man who was brutally attacked in Union Square last week died Monday.
On Wednesday, a man shouting that he “hated white people” punched victim Jeffrey Babbitt — who is white — in the face, witnesses said, causing him to fall and strike his head on the ground. Paramedics took Babbitt to Bellevue Hospital, where he lapsed into a coma and was pronounced brain-dead by doctors.

Lashawn Marten, 31, who is black, “made statements to the effect that I’m going to punch the first white man that I see,” said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Read more: http://pix11.com/2013/09/09/union-square-beating-victim-dies-at-bellevue...


NYTimes covered this on page A21 and later A16—“Friends Mourn Man Fatally Assaulted in Possible Random Hate Crime.” You’d think a “random” act of terrible violence by black male yelling “I hate White People” would be front page news, ESPECIALLY when it occurs in mid-day in tourist spot. And here’s a kicker: the victim had given the black man some sandwiches just prior to the attack. Not widely reported! Doesn’t fit the theme. Black male living on taxpayer dime, but can’t stand overt handout.

And for all the more reason to cover this on front page: just days apart a black male attacked a white male on a Manhattan M60 bus. The black male called the white male a cracker and set upon him like a rabid dog on a gentle lamb. The white male suffered serious injuries. Black male fled, not captured.

Where is the Warning a Dangerous subhuman slime ball is on the loose? In the public interest, you’d think the papers would say. Can you image if a white did such to a black male in NY. The story would be Front page for sure.

Bus Rider’s Face Smashed In During ‘Hate’ Attack.” ~ New York Post

There is so much black violence in the NY region and across the country. Re NY: Just have a look at the Post’s NYPD Daily Blotter and you will read things that chill you. Just per example, from an old Post I had sitting around: two young black men are pictured who attacked a 60 year-old man on his way to the subway. The slimeball black perps followed him as he ascended steps to subway platform, and from behind him, yanked his legs, “causing the victim to fall and smash his head on the steps…[the black men] then beat and kicked him” before robbing him of his cell phone. That day’s blotter also features a stabbing death, the death of a thief crushed to death by the vehicle he’d stolen, robbery of a day care worker in front of eight kids, a shooting incident. All perps pictured where black.

But the media plays listless. And the black population as a whole is told by whacky media Demonuts they are the victims of white malfeasance, which whacky population Democrats drink up, repeat and thus…blacks are never held to account for their disproportionate violence in our society, especially when it comes to interracial violence.

There must be a reckoning of this plague of violence and it will not abate with taking guns from the law-abiding. There must be public accountability of the violence that exists in our society, especially in the minority segment of our society. Locking up blacks is only a bandage, we need to return to public shame for such violence, rather than the Democrat defense, they just can’t help themselves because of those mean ol’ white people. That day has long passed and all society ails when we have no accountability and ridiculous deflected blame.


Wow, not surprised by the

Wow, not surprised by the lack of comment's here. There will be no change in the status quo. The one's who own the media, you know who they are, have put a black out on racial crime, unless it's white on black. They've repeatedly tried to start race riot's in this country in the past 40 year's! The last one was on July 13, 2013 at around 10:00pm eastern time. That was the reading of the treyvon martin, not guilty verdict. What irresponsible, evil, creeps, to not take into account what reading that particular verdict,at that time of evening, on a weekend might do. They knew what might happen! They were salivating in anticipation of the crushing of caucasion skulls. BTW,I've never heard a verdict read on a Saturday night? What are most gang-banging scumbag's doing at 10:00pm on a Saturday night? What the F^%!! It didn't play out like they had wanted...Thank all good people for that! Unfortunately, this is far from over....
There has been a complete and absolute subversion of our court's, law's, politics and our media by greedy, sociopathic, Zionists. They make sure our borders are wide open for confusion and problems cloaking them and their intensions and keeping most pointing their fingers in the wrong direction.
There will be no change in their status quo...OR WILL THERE?

Careful how you comment

Careful how you comment folks. Facebook will ban you from commenting if you have a problem with blacks attacking Whites. We Whites must accept our beatings and if we speak out against it, Facebook will ban you.

There must be a reckoning of

There must be a reckoning of this plague of violence and it will not abate with taking guns from the law-abiding.

We do need to keep the mentally ill away from guns.

As for interracial crime, this post is spot on. No more excuses or covering up of this issue.

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