Why do so-called liberal feminists refuse to demand more power for women?


Eleanor Clift is a dipwad and only more so when she recently said (in True fauxliberal feminist fashion) that the reason Congress was not made up of 50% female politicians is because women have: get ready for it: "better things to do." Snicker my fritz what a woman, what a gal Friday Eleanor is to her boy Obama. YUCK. Women can't get to 50% in Congress because imbicle bigots like Eleanor attack with sexism and raw hatred any women of the Red variety who tries to get the Republican side of the aisle a bit more gender blended. Remember, Eleanor and her sexist ilk, demand that women can ONLY be Blue.

Now Margaret Carlson (of Time before and Bloomberg now) wrote an item about Political Animals show in USA that features a female actor playing Hillary. Here is another faux feminist on what women should and should not be allowed to do:

Is being a stellar secretary of State the end of the political line for Clinton?

She has been nothing but loyal to the president, and Obama appreciates her all the more as an expert on how to live in the White House fishbowl.

Hunted, Haunted
Could it be that suffering has made Clinton whole?

What didn’t kill Clinton made her stronger -- and more at peace.
Hillary has not only endured, she has prevailed. What comes next in her public life may be less important than what she has found in her inner life.

Why are so-called liberal feminists so fucking anti-women in power and so doggy-style attatched to Obama?
It's enough to make you toss.



Ah suffering makes Hillary

Ah suffering makes Hillary whole but being portrayed as a saint made Barry whole and got him the job. Women libs are do F'n weird.

Totally agree. Fierce

Totally agree. Fierce pushback from Democrat female journalist repels Republican women from running for office. What they did to Hillary, time 200 is what they do to Republican women who have that bitch audacity to run for the other team.

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