Why Doesn't Whoopi Want to Talk About Bill Crosby Rape Allegations

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The other day it was reported the Whoopi Goldberg didn’t want to chit chat on The View about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual abuse of many women, most of whom, it seems, were white. Whoopi also evidently didn’t want to talk about the unruly Ferguson protests—the case where a black criminal who allegedly beat a cop, tried to get his gun and then charged him during an arrest attempt, was shot, and where the black community has expected that no matter what a black criminal does, he must never be shot by a white cop, even if that means the cop must die. Whoopi is also the nut job who said the Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year-old girl was not a legitimate rape. (She evidently did wish to talk about white on white rape.)

Of course Whoopi’s not “rape rape” was not covered ad nauseam over the broadcast news, whereas a whackjob backwater republican who said only “legitimate” rape resulted in pregnancy, got Wall-to-Wall Big Media coverage, from the Evening News casts to the New York Times. (A quick Google shows page one NYTimes coverage of Akin’s stupidity, but no readily “seeable” results for Whoopie and rape, rape.”
Before the shit hit the fan—with up to 14 or more Cosby victims coming out, including a black female—Whoopi cast doubt on the white woman’s allegation of rape. But when it looks like a slam dunk against Cosby, Missy Whoopi wants everyone to clam up.

Which brings us to why so few of us like to call ourselves “feminists” these days: those who claim to be the “legitimate” feminists, make women’s issues subservient to black issues. Rape by black males against white females is verboten as a topic. This despite the large numbers of black on white rape in this country, compared to almost no white on black rape, according to crime statistics. But give them a black victim, with an alleged white perp and it’s GO Time.

In the August 15th issue of Time magazine, Time magazine had 10 Questions for the “veteran feminist” Gloria Steinem, of Playboy fame. Whoa, what a scoop (eye roll), and how dangerous (burp) for this so-called feminist to go undercover as a Playboy bunny. (Snore, and a bit of spit up.) Hey Gloria, dear sweet cheeks, want a real story: go undercover as a poor Muslim woman in a small town in Egypt. Flaunt your clitoris and see what happens—slice!

So, why is FemiSex pickin’ on poor old Gloria, who in her dotage is a relic of Bunnydoom? Well in that Time item, Missy Steinem was asked, “What is your view of the Dominique-Strauss-Kahn situation? Her dumbshit answer: She was “very grateful to the NYPD who plucked him off the plane.” She dug even deeper: “I’m very grateful to the maid, who know she had rights, and I hope this case will be pursued.” Missy Gloria Steinem then really screwed women who are true victims of rape, by saying: This case, “is a real step forward” and she’s so happy because, “a rough justice has already been administered” to DSK.

Oouch! The Democrat Media went nuts with the DSK case before it was known what a scam artist the maid had been and was—prior false rape claims, housing and tax fraud, money laundering, and that phone call with her boyfriend implicating her in a shakedown of DSK. (The maid took him to court, ( ha, in a certain section of New York) and got a lot of $$ for that blow job.

Like so many nutjobs who call themselves feminists nowadays, they rush to hunt the white man (or woman) before any facts are known. So many examples, but Travon Martin, Michael Brown and Nafissatou Diallo come to mind, never mind Crystal Mangum of the Duke lacrosse team fiasco. In the latter case, the damage done to…dare we say it…legitimate rape victims, by Nafissatou Diallo--a shameful woman who lied so often about rape, including a gang rape that was not and never happened (Missy Diallo, kept on lying about the gang rape, going into hysterics about it, long after she’d been granted permission to live in the U.S.)—is profound.

And what damage this will inflict upon those who are truly rape victims was never given a thought by the Stupid Steinem. Who cares about real rape victims, so long as Time keeps on coming to Missy S with 10 Questions?

And then there is the media push for white women to unquestioningly trust black men in positions of authority:
One of the favorite things Democrat Media like to do is to portray black men as gynecologists to white women. The Cosby show, of course, comes to mind, but just watch TV –say a rerun of Old Christine, to see the pairing of black gynecologists and white vaginas. The message is don’t worry, be assured the black man is safe in your area. Maybe we can get Missy Steinem to report on the case of the black gynecologist who seems to have been a real life mirror Bill Cosby. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-city/bs-md-ci-levy-v...

Note the lack of a picture in the story that would show the gyno to be a black MD.

Levy, an obstetrician and gynecologist with the Johns Hopkins Community Health Systems, practiced at an East Baltimore clinic for 25 years. He was fired in February 2013 after Hopkins officials found he had been photographing and filming patients using tiny cameras concealed in pens and key fobs.

I wonder if The View covered Dr. Nikita A. Levy?
10 to one odds against it.

And then there is the Kermit Gosnell, who was a black male gyno physician who harmed many of his patients and was in essence a drug peddler.

How about this: women don’t unquestioningly trust anyone of any color who wants access to your area, no matter how much the media wants to believe that black is never bad. And how about this, only call yourself a feminist if you are equally willing to shine the media spotlight on black on white rapes. All rape is tragic and there must not be a shushs, when it comes to black on white rapes.




women don’t unquestioningly

women don’t unquestioningly trust anyone of any color who wants access to your area
well said !

To your point, exhibit C

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