Why Lefty Dems “journalists” are the new idiot box


“It took the jury about 14½ hours to decide it wanted to kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I take longer than that to pick out a pair of pants when I’m shopping online.” This is the lead sentence from a Slate item that despairs that Tsarnaev was given the death penalty for blowing helpless children and other civilians to bits as the watched the Boston Marathon.

The writer, one Seth Stevenson, feels really connected to Dzhokhar, and finds it “baffling” why the jury would met out harsh justice to Dzhokhar, cuz, ya know, he only became a vicious terrorist because, like, his bro told him to, ya know.

“Without Tamerlan, I think Dzhokhar is three bong hits deep and playing Xbox this afternoon.” So declares Seth Boy. That line of reasoning might make one wonder if he feels that without Hitler, Josef Mengele would have been just a doc three golf games away from birdie.

What a fucking idiot, you are Seth. What a fool. But hey youze so cool, you so down with your Lefty friends, that rational thought seems to escape you.

Then in the bizzaro world of sequestered Seth boy, the idiot trots out the trial of an innocent man as a comparative to the trial of Tsarnaev. (Remember, even Tsarnaev’s attorney admits “he did it.” Seth Boy even admits this fact in his article. There is no doubt here, the monster is a monster.)

“It’s morbid, watching a poor devil on trial for his life,” says Miss Maudie in To Kill a Mockingbird, explaining why she declines to go to the courthouse to watch Atticus Finch argue on behalf of Tom Robinson.

Tom Robinson was falsely accused; Tsarnaev absolutely blew innocent human flesh to bits and shreds, then sauntered off to buy some milk with his welfare check.

Seth Boy ends by celebrating the fact that all the appeals will lead to a “reconvene” that just may spare this poor monster’s life.

Seth might just want to bring Hitler back to life so we can all hold hands and sing “I’m so cool a liberal, I don’t care who dies or how (so long as they’re not Jews), so long as I get to be above silly justice, above any killing, so long as it remains all about me being too cool for school.”

Seth sneers at “a jury with “a thirst for vengeance.” Seth we now can accurately believe would rather hang with Tsarnaev doing some bong hits than share a glass a milk with any of those jurors. That’s fucked up; that’s the liberal media.



Radical Leftists have decided

Radical Leftists have decided punishment is so yesterday. All the world needs is more gvt social workers. That thug POS who just brutally murdered a couple and their kid and the housekeeper-- just give him a hugs and taxpayer housing and all's square.

Slate is totally F'd up.

Slate is totally F'd up. They have a story today up that suggests the way to defeat ISIS is for Obama to figure out which option "sickens him least."

It's weird that the far left thinks that Obama's soul is the key to everything.

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