Women in Ireland get greater access to save and legal abortions; Now, in the U.S., is the time to rid the Republican platform of anti-choice stance


Dear GOP: Please save our country and give up trying to put women back in bondage by messing with Roe v. Wade, which grants a woman her right to dominion over the body God gave her. If you hang on to the evil of attempting to put women in pregnancy bondage, forcing them to procreate when they do no so wish, then there will be NO GOP and the country will not only become Socialist, it will become Communist, and we all know how well that worked out for others. Women are the only way to save the GOP from destruction but to accomplish this the party platform MUST change to embrace a women’s right to choice.

Today the Irish took a step in the freedom direction, granting abortion rights (in a limited way) to women in that country for the first time.
From the Daily Caller:

The Irish government announced Tuesday that it will legalize abortion in cases that threaten the life of the mother, including cases in which the mother’s pregnancy causes her to be suicidal.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/12/18/ireland-to-legalize-abortions-when-lif...

This action was the result of Irish zealotry gone wild, when Irish doctors sentenced a woman to death for the crime of a pregnancy that had miscarried.

From the NYTimes:

The death of a woman who was reportedly denied a potentially lifesaving abortion even while she was having a miscarriage has revived debate over Ireland’s almost total ban on abortions.

The woman, Savita Halappanavar, 31, a dentist…, was 17 weeks pregnant when she sought treatment at University Hospital Galway on Oct. 21, complaining of severe back pain.
Dr. Halappanavar was informed by senior hospital physicians that she was having a miscarriage and that her fetus had no chance of survival. However, despite repeated pleas for an abortion, she was told that it would be illegal….She was admitted to intensive care but never recovered, dying on Oct. 28.

The Irish Execution Squad made this woman suffer for 7 days, as she slowly died of complications of her pregnancy. Now the truth is women no matter who they are or what their circumstance should be given access to safe and legal abortions up until the end of their second trimester.

And if the GOP doesn’t get this there will be no GOP in ten years. Women will vote for capitalism and less government and social responsibililty but ONLY if they have their BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to dominion over their own bodies and weather or NOT they bring a child into the world.

We don’t have time to wait on this. It HAS to be the GOP that makes this change because the socialist media will NEVER allow a pro-choice candidate, as Mitt Romeny was, to win an election if the GOP doesn’t take make the change. The anti-abortion plank MUST GO from the Republican party platform. They need to DO IT NOW, four years before the next election so anti-choicers have time to GET OVER IT!.





The answer to those who blame rape on how a woman is dressed is not to proclaim oneself a slut and march around half naked. The answer is to demand women not be called sluts, period, no matter how they dress and to call people who use the S word misogynist knuckledraggers.

Pro choice Republican woman

Pro choice Republican woman and proud of it.

Paul Ryan would have been an

Paul Ryan would have been an attractive candidate to but for the abortion issue. Agreed.

I wish outrage against

I wish outrage against injustice to women was equal to that against children.


This woman was someone's daughter and she suffered more that any child killed at Sandy Hook. I am not trying to lessen the tragedy at Sandy Hook, but why can't we have a "national conversation" about gang rapes that happen to women here and across the world? More women are killed and raped in a single week in the United States than all the victims of mass shootings combined in the history of mass shootings.

Where is that national conversation.

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