Yes, Ladies the Dem Left Media Does Think We Are THAT Stupid

This week NBC’s Ed Schultz said: Rand Paul Has "A History Of Talking Down To Women On Television" That’s rich coming from Misogynist Dem Schultz who recently called a female GOP media person a “slut” on broadcast TV. But, that is how Dems are gonna play it on Rand Paul: forget the issues, American women don’t care about the issues, not if we Dems can convince the stupid ladies that all GOP candidates hate all woman. Message to Dems from the Gals who won’t be Toyed with: IT’S the BIASED DEMOCRAT MEDIA STUPID.

Smart gals understand that the MSM, which is HARD LEFT in its Identity Politics, will do anything to portray a GOP candidate as deeply flawed in any way they can. So, if a candidate CALLS OUT the HARD LEFT media for trying to paint them into a corner of hate, while (think Candy Crawly e.g.,) glossing over the HUGE FLAWS of Democrat candidates…well then THREE CHEERS To that candidate!!
America gets it. The media is HARD LEFT and they are going to be unfair in their questioning of Republicans and Soft Ball to those with whom they sympathize—Dems.

Americans WANT someone who spits back at so-called journalists who think that Americans are dumb as shit, or to simply quote Obama’s key advisor on ObamaCare: “stupid Americans.”

But smart Americans are on to the media’s dangerous turn from truth-seekers to Democrat publicists. Message to Dems: no assholes we gals we are not to be manipulated so easily.


It's Hill-arious to hear

It's Hill-arious to hear democrats talking about talking shit about women. It was the Democrats who talked the most vulgar shit about Hillary in 2008. Nothing was beneath them, including a progressive radio journalist calling Hillary a whore. That democrats think they get us to forget that it was them waging sexist war in Hillary is to think us very stupid indeed.

Nice summary from fella

Nice summary from fella (thomas) on WsJ comment section on alinsky hit

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it,” (Alinsky)

The jackals never let up -- their focus has shifted to Rand Paul (this week) from Ted Cruz (last week) and the media girls are all in a snit because both of these gentlemen won't sit still while the media attempts to ill-define their views on their behalf.

At the same time, the LeftLiberalProgressive Liars Club gets a pass from the media. Regularly, the Progs knowingly make statements which are falsehoods, outright untruths, and/or dissembled distractions yet the media remains completely uncurious.

Behind the glitter and chaff, people sense that the citizens of the United States of America are the victims of political fraud -- foisted upon the nation by the Leftist cabal.

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