Yes, Obama, you do need to get a Congressional on-the-record vote for war against Syria


It is great fun to watch whacknutties at the NYTimes and other extremist liberal media organizations touch their ankles in order to help Obama not look like the fool he is. This headline from the NYTimes says it all: “Bomb Syria, Even if it is Illegal.” Ha. Recall the Times obliteration of Hillary Clinton for saying for saying that if Iran nuked Israel, we’d “totally obliterate” Iran. Well, now we have Obama potentially starting a massive Middle East conflagration, not only unilaterally, but without a Congressional vote, so he can wipe some egg of his “red line” face, and the Times is chanting Bomb, Bomb, bomb, Iran.

Odd that they are so pro bomb, bomb, bomb, when Obama is doing it, but of course when McCain jested those words, the whacknutties spun him as crazy. I’ll tell you what is crazy: bombing Syria not because we have a national interest at stake or because we have an end goal of establishing a Democracy in Syria but because Obama backed his stupid arse into a corner with his stupid red line talk.

And btw, why talk of this before we know for certain just WHO used chemical weapons, if they used chemical weapons, where those weapons came from? Sorry but Kerry saying it is so, don’t make it so! And furthermore, is Obama actually setting this up to make Al Queada stronger in Syria? We dithered for so long in Syria, as President Bashar al-Assad, put down opposition to his leadership that was not al Qaeda , that now pretty much all that is left of the opposition is al Qaeda.

The Times likes to pretend we need UN authorization to wage war. Not true! At all! But we do need to get Congressional approval if there is no imminent threat to the US and if our national interests are not at stake.

Obama went to Libya and did regimen change and that place is in chaos—yes post Muammar Gaddafi Libyans did kill our Ambassador, if you recall. And Egypt? Yes, Obama forced Mubarak out NOW and look at that mess.

Depending upon who is potus, is what should determine if we intervene in Syria. Obama is a fool and he has abandoned Iraq long before it was time. The US needed to stay strong in Iraq to give time for that democracy to really take root and grow. But Obama was not interested. He cares not a whit if democracy flourishes in the Middle East, but he does care and very much about his wounded pride.

Regarding Britian thumbing their nose at Obama, refusing to partner with the US in attacking Syria:

What did you expect nuttybutty Obama, when you pranced into the Oval Office in 2009 and first thing sent England back the bust of Winston Churchill they’d given the US as a gift, and then you gave the Queen a DVD set of YOUR speeches, …what do you expect from that country in return? Well, you got it: a big fat raspberry when you wanted them to back you up as your bomb bomb bomb Syria to look cool.

Obama is a fool. He’s turned our stanch ally off over and over again. And now we see the result. It’s hard to figure why America elected Obama to a second term. Oh, yeah. So he’d redistribute stuff from the industrious to the not so much types. Way to go America, land of the I’d rather someone worked for me’s.




Obama is a thug.

Obama is a thug.

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