FemiStats: union fat cats; ObamaCaid sticks it to Middle Class; Dems give less to charity; and corrupt jobs numbers

“The average San Jose (CA) police office earned $203,211 in total compensation in 2012.
Cops can retire at age 50 with up to 90% of their final pay.
The average pension for a Ca. Highway Patrol officer is ~$90,000 per year.
Source: WSJ Dec. 1, 2013

But the Dolt taxpayer who funds this fat cat salary isn't gettn zada in pension per month. Time for pension reform!
ObamaCaid hurts those who must pay for insurance without the taxpayer subsidies. Here is a

ObamaCare and the $17,000 breast pump


Yuck don’t ya just hate it when you get F*cked by politicians. In 2012 the Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman blasted an email out touting the great benefits of the “Affordable (not!) Care Act” aka ObamaCaid. Waxman like most unthinking low-information Democrats told me how great the ACA was because it came with a grab bag of goodies mandated by the Feds, stuff I’d not have to pay a dime for! Oh boy. Only thing is: that grab bag of extras has made the cost of insurance plans so oppressive that those not having Daddy Government pay the tab, can’t afford ANY insurance at all.

Rape and Race; violent crime and race; yes by all means Eric Holder: let's talk turkey!


Not a pretty sight. While blacks males make up about 6% of the US population they commit about half of all murders. In urban regions, the numbers/percentages are even worse--as depicted here. The rape numbers are shocking as well--in NYC about 85% of all rapes committed by minority men. If Eric Holder wants a REAL conversation, then by all means! But we are gonna have to tell the TRUTH.

For example: 85% of all rapes in NYC committed by Blacks and Hispanics; for the sake of their victims can we address this please?

Liberal Media is Deceiving you! Illegal alien, not suburban soccer dad is the killer

secure our borders

The lie: this murderer is not a suburbanite; he is one of the illegal aliens pouring across our open borders: But as Breitbart.com points out: the AP Liberal LIE machine leaves that fact out and actively seeks to mislead its readers:

FemiHealth: Mammograms cut Risk of Death by ~ one-third, yet US Gov. Task Force member still talking cost

Mammograms work: modern mammography screening may reduce deaths from breast cancer by about 28%. Source: BMJ 2014;348:g3701
Yet….US.GovTask Force member makes fun of women who are nervous before having their boobs squeezed in a vise grip. BMJ 2014;348:g3824
check out this editorial that accompanies the finding that screening cuts risk of death from breast cancer by about a third! yes a Third!

Immediately Deploy the National Guard to Secure our Borders and Halt the Colonization of America


America is a sovereign nation. We have EVERY right to demand that our borders are protected and secured from invasion. Period. Yet, Obama has held a full court press to the Third Word; his message: break the law and come on in. The NYTimes reported that some 290,000 illegal aliens have breached our Southern Border in “recent months.” Wow. And that is in addition to the ~11 to 20 million illegal aliens already in the US who we are refusing to repatriate to their country of origin.

Two Americas-Two sets of rules

We are currently living in Two Americas; some folks have to pay their taxes, mortgage and abide by the law. Others, not so much. And the folks who are compelled to abide by the law must pick up the check for those who don’t follow the law. Democrats have, in the past, gone to extraordinary lengths to extend home ownership to millions who were not up to the long-term responsibilities of home ownership. Flooding the home-buying market with all those so-called “underserved” who had sketchy work/debt histories drove up home prices to nutty levels and then, bam, the housing market collapsed.

Yes the Times is misleading Americans about IRS Scandal and Also about Chris Christie

media bias.png

Just for fun, I decided to do an informal poll at my local Starbucks this past week or so. I would randomly ask folks what they thought about the missing IRS emails. After mostly blank looks, I would get, 9 out of 10 times: “missing emails?” Seriously. And 100% of the time the fact that six key figures in the IRS Targeting Scandal had also mysteriously reported their emails lost was unknown to those in line at Starbucks. Yes, this at a place in the country where literacy is 100%.

Also unknown at the 100% rate:

Lawmakers say rape of unconsious girls doesn't require stiff punishments; whiff on Audrie's Law

Audrie's Law seeks to punish human scum that abuse unconscious  girls

Just when you think women and girls can’t be devalued further. A young female drank a bit too much at a party; she was 15, and like most at that age, handing alcohol well was something she had not yet mastered. The girl, Audrie, passed out cold. What did her party companions do? Did they come to her aid? Or, make sure she got home safely? Not at all. Instead two boys her own age, stripped her, stuck their grotesque fingers into her in an act of rape, and took pictures that they then shared with her entire high school.