Did Hell just Freeze Over? Campbell Brown worried about sexism?

CNN just posted this Header: Commentary: Sexist Treatment of Palin must end, by Campbell Brown.

Campbell Brown, the woman who is an anti-feminist, who dismisses feminism as outmoded and extinct, is worried about sexist treatment? HUH? The woman who doubts a woman with kids can handle the veep spot? Campbell worried about sexism?? REALLY? Did Hell Just Freeze Over?
Background on Campbell Brown
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The year of Outrageous Media Whitewash--LA Times, Washington Times, the National Journal all say: MSM is acting in concert to elect Obama.

From LA Times columnist Jonah Goldberg : The press corps “sees itself as the publicity arm of the Obama campaign.”

Link to story:

From the Washington Times by Tony Blankley, on op/ed that charges the media with failure to perform as journalists, instead acting in concert to elect Obama:

“The mainstream media have gone over the line and are now straight-out propagandists for the Obama campaign.”

And this GREAT kicker :

The Mommy party not too keen on Mommies

Hate changes Skirts—the Left as an equal opportunity misogynist! Part 2 of the Hate Mongering Left by H. L. Trisky

Last week Femisex wrote about the Hate-Mongering Left, and its ability to keep even-steven pace with Rightwing hate. Today we offer another installation on this theme.

The Left told us women would be “insulted” by McCain’s choice of Palin, that a simple “skirt change” would insult women, who of course don’t really want a female in the veep or WH slot for another 219 years.

What is wrong with this picture? New Yorker says the promise of the 19th amendment is fulfilled by Obama's nomination

posted by M.A. Liginter.
In this game we look at statements in the media and find the WRONG?

First up—from the New Yorker’s Talk of the Town Sept. 8th issue, David Remnick writes a Puff Piece that is goo gaa in luv with Obama and absent of any meaningful journalism. He also, in a bald attempt to “unify” disenfranchised and disaffected women voters who supported Hillary, Mr. Remnick tosses those women this bone:

A Stalk on the Wild Side

Problem—Media only gives voice to “fractured” women willing to endlessly talk about their problems. Solution: more female writers given voice about things NOT female in nature. More Female Jared Diamond s, Less Dowds, More female Friedman s. Showcase intelligent women, not ruminating women.

The Domino Effect—I a liberal journo no longer trust the Times to cover even international news without Obama Bias

posted by H. L. Trisky

The New York Times has exhibited so much bias this election cycle, never mind their obnoxious sexism. And now something I dreaded has happened; I’ve lost trust in their ability to cover even international news without bias. I read, but with Profound Doubt.

Last Tuesday, the Times ran a front page story titled: “Georgia Offers Fresh Evidence On War’s Start.”

Because this issue of Georgia is a tender one for Obama I immediately doubted the Times would not spin their story in an attempt to give Obama assist.

What Obama’s top picks in science and foreign policy say about an O-Admin

Obama has picked a science team. One may wonder what priorities an Obama administration would have, and one way to decipher those priorities is by looking at his top picks.
For example, Obama’s top foreign policy advisors are somewhat telling of his priorities
-- Susan Rice, a former Assistant secretary of state for African affairs. She has pushed hard for a tougher response to the Darfur crisis in Africa
--Anthony Lake, national security advisor to Clinton. Mr. Lake is noted for his open criticism of the Clinton admin for failure to stop the genocide in Rwanda.

The Hate-Mongering Left—Whoda Thunk It?

Humans are just not that surprising or diverse, it turns out. For years I’ve been laboring under the misapprehension that the Right was the Party full of whack-job Wing-Nut sicko-s willing to spew rot from between the crevasse in their forked tongues.

Turns out…the Left has now usurped that nadir of human political baseness.

The Vast Majority of hate is coming from the Left this election season. Turns out our population is not as diverse as I’d suspected. Both Red and Blue Brains can Hate with =vigor and intensity. Sad but true.

Media to Voters: If you don’t vote for Obama we will tell everyone ur a racist!

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The media is mad—mad at Obama’s dipping pol #s and they are on a rampage. Their Latest target: voters who refuse to give it up for Their ONE.
In past days, A flurry of MSM articles erupted charging white voters with racism if they refuse to vote for the O-man. Here are my top five sad-sack picks for ur viewing “pleasure.”

First Up: from Time magazine:

“For Obama Race Remains the Elephant in the room.” By Michael Gunwald Sept. 15th

Excerpt :

Obama’s inner Nixon?

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Today the New York Post is reporting that Obama attempted to scuttle a deal for drawdown in Iraq—something that would benefit Obama’s political fortunes.
Excerpt from the Post story:

WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.