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In the meantime, this w/end a gracious reader sent me the following item by By John R. Lott, Jr.

HERE is a link to his article, Bad Impression: Did the Media Take Swipes at Sarah Palin?

The New York Times Actively Assists in Obama Fundraising Efforts

Posted by H.L Trisky

Today's news: Camp Obama raises $66 million in August.
Sad Fact: The New York Times actively helped Obama raise funds.

The Biggest Loser: Press Credibility--along with FactCheck.org

The following was posted today on CBS.com --an interview with Mark Penn, former Clinton campain Chief Strategist. (It is also a cover story on Real Clear Politics.)

As a journalist, i couldn't agree more with Mr. Penn....the Press has absolutley lost credibiity in this election...so much so that I, a member and long-time defender of the 4th Estate, am full of shame.

Here is an excerpt from Penn's CBS interview:

A Bar Fight and a Victory for Women?

Ok kids, it’s been a long day, and I usually don’t drink and write, but …tonight will be an exception. (a glass of wine with dinner, so don’t anyone get too worked up

I was at Columbia tonight were the men who will be president gave us their thoughts. But it is 911, or was two hours ago, and i am not posting to get into those weeds.
Rather about the something amazing that happened afterward.

Today is the anniversary of a particular Circle of Hell for the United States. As a journalist I covered this event in New York.

You readers don’t know me and for professional reasons (obvious I must say!) I have kept my real name off of FemiSex. I work for or have worked for some of the media outlets I call to the carpet on this website. But to those who really do know me, they will attest to my ability to compartmentalize. This if a function partly of who I am by nature and nurture, and partly of my prior career that entailed dispassionate levels of professionalism for me to be effective.

On Lipstick and Pigs and Women as Competitors vs. Helpmates

From Cnn:
"That's not change. That's just calling something the same thing something different. You know you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. You know you can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change, it's still going to stink after eight years. We've had enough of the same old thing." The crowd erupted in applause when Obama delivered the line.

Just too damn funny—journalists beating themselves up wondering why they’ve been so soft on McCain and Palin.

Someone really really needs to tell these guys from Salon and Atlantic that they are so stuck in the mud of their own tracks and can’t find the real story, which is exploding over their heads as they gaze into their self-absorbed navels.

Top Ten Reasons this Liberal Journo is Punching it for Palin--today..Killed by Friendly Fire.

Hey folks.. yesterday's piece gave you my # one reason.

Today as Huffo PO says that Palin is nothing more than a Trojan Moose in lipstick, skirt and Tina Fey glasses, i am reminded of Missy Dowd's words that work in the same two-pronged sexist fashion. Prong one...build fear of an Alpha woman. HRC was a 50-ft tall caricature and now Palin is a massive buttressing caricature! To anti-feminist Huff PO and Missy NYT Dowdy....yawn...been there done that..boored!

Remember it was Republicans who appointed the 1st female to the Supreme Court

Hello Readers an Happy Sunday.
Today, as I predicted to friends and fren-enemies alike, the New York Times would run nasty anti-Palin cartoons in their Week in Review section. The Times used their op/ed pages to smear Clinton and will now do so to Palin. Yawn! Been there done that!
(For more on this see our story on Obama/ Clinton cartoons:
New Yorker Cartoon on Obama. )

As i suspected, three of the four attacked Governor Palin. (come on, 4 would’ve been over the top, right?? Snicker, snicker…)