Banned and Deleted –The Atlantic Blog bans comments that complain of sexism! And gives FemiSEX a warning!

Today on the blog Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote to complain that Congressman Lynn Westmoreland called Michele Obama uppity. This was posted on Real Clear Politics as the Best of the Blogs. The blog complained this was a racist term and should not stand.

Coates then said: “And you guys want to rail about shadowy, uncited liberals "looking down" on Sarah Palin? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Cry me a river--and then go jump in it.”

Here is the Atlantic blog link:

The Manipulation of Women Act--brought to you by MSM's "liberal" press.

Attacking Sarah Palin --a two-pronged plan. first...use anti-feminist women to stoke the fire.
Second, fire up the Mommy Wars to divide women against themselves. Don't fall for this ladies! Believe me, if they succeed, the media will be laughing at us for how easily their plan worked.

Power understands the best way to attack a woman is use women to do the attacking!
TA DA—JUST GUESS who is first in Line? Easy one, right? Anti-feminists such as Missy Maureen Dowd, and BJ-giver-in-chief, Dahlia Lithwick(y) of Slate.

New York Times compares Palin to Willie Horton and dismisses Palin as an "appalling distraction."

Never Mind the historic victory of having the GOP put a woman on their ticket!

Bob Herbert of the New York Times says Palin is “Just a Distraction.” Yeah, that’s right….the GOP puts a woman on the ticket for the first time in History and….this is JUST a distraction. Then Sexist Herbert says: Palin is an ”appalling lightweight” who will “send serious voters scurrying to the more substantive Obama-Biden ticket.”
(yah, BHO’s congressional legislative accomplishment of giving phone cards to vets, is Heavyweight material….So...NOT!)

Second-Place Citizens -- must READ; PDiddy sexism, plug nose

Happy Labor Day to All
FemiSex wants to prep you for what we have to say about Governor Palin’s spot on the GOP ticket. (Watch for this in the days ahead!)
But first!!! Items to read and watch in advance.

Item #one from an Op/ed in the New York Times by feminist author Susan Faludi:

Second-Place Citizens

The Forth Estate is Sinking

(Yes, Femisex was on vakay, sorry, but given our day jobs as journos and the website, we think we deserved it! But we are back now!)

Journalists who refuse to do their job and…get paid for this?
It is one thing for citizen bloggers to gloss over facts to paint their candidate in rose-colored light. But when journalists do this, make no mistake, democracy itself is in trouble.

A journalist's heartache; a woman's anger and in the end one option: no unity

This election season has brought many pains.
Some easily expected and foreseeable, as when Obama with only a few short months into the U.S. Senate decided it would be to his large advantage to split and divide the Democratic Party. Only those with no foresight whatsoever would have failed to understand how pitting Obama (first black with strong POTUS potential) against Senator Clinton (first woman with strong POTUS potential) would end in disaster!

The DNC’s Dirty DEAL: The DNC removes all penalty to Florida and Michigan voters, and seats all delegates. Sur-PRIZE, SUR—PRIZE—NOT.

From CNN: “Also Sunday, the Democratic Party decided delegates from Michigan and Florida -- states that had been penalized for moving their 2008 presidential primaries to January -- will get full voting rights at the event.”

From FemiSex:
So all that talk about needing to punish Florida and Michigan voters was just that—Talk. Once Clinton was out of the race, Obama changed his tune, asking that all the delegates be seated (sans penalty) and the DNC has done his bidding.

“Hillary Harridans” and other sexist name calling—only now it is directed at ALL women who support Hillary!

The sexist Press Just CANT Stop Themselves from misogyny!
posted by M. A. Liginter

The media has stopped calling Senator Clinton a Bitch and turned the Bitch thing on her supporters.
Press to women:
If you GALS don’t get in line and do what we TELL you to do, then we will call you bad names, sexist names.”

GEEZ, don’t you fools-in-Obama-love get it: This whole thing is about respect for women and you just keep digging in deeper!

This is the puerile nonsense message we get from the press:


posted by M.A. Liginter

Today Femisex submitted the below “new word” to Merriam-Webster online as an open submission. MSNBCian
Thank you for your submission! This entry has been added to Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary:
MSNBCian (adjective) : of or relating to anything or one holding massively sexist viewpoints.
Example sentence: Keith showed a massive MSNBCian bent whenever he opened his crazy mouth.


More gratuitous misogyny by “liberal press.” Anthony Lane renames Sex and the City to The Lying, the Bitch and the Wardrobe

posted by H. L. Trisky

New Yorker writer Anthony Lane want to rename Sex and the City; his proffer: The Lying, the BITCH, and the wardrobe.