DNC Chairman Howard Dean says the Democratic Party is the Black party and Republican Party is for Whites.

Got it—Goodbye DNC! Glad u sorted me out by race!

Guess, I better quit the Democratic party now. Chairman Howard Dean has spoken, saying that the Democratic Party is the Black Party and the Republican Party is the White Party. Who let this lunatic into the” Black Party” is beyond me, but guess that solves the question of why Dean worked so diligently to assure the Clinton didn’t get the nomination—b/c as Camp Obama says, Clinton is nothing but an “entitled white women crying wha, wha wha” when she doesn’t get her way!

Tropic Thunder –a story of envy

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Whoda thought FemiSex would ever be jealous of the R-word. But we are—pea-green with envy. A boycott is underway against the film “Tropic Thunder” and it is a righteous boycott.

Nancy Pelosi MUST GO

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Her term as Speaker of the House has been almost wholly ineffective. She seems to do nothing so much as blink (literally and metaphorically) when it comes to getting anything done. And she has betrayed her party, by ensuring that the least electable Democrat was awarded to nomination.
Pelosi is single-minded in the fashion of a teenager in love—a teenager that is Blindly devoted—to Obama, so much so that yesterday she blasted Clinton backers for not being gracious to her love-child Obama.
From the San Francisco Chronicle:

New York Times Helps out Obama, AGAIN

Posted by H. L. Trisky

First by holding back on a story of O’s early fundraising machine and then non-reporting of Obama’s refusal to allow a re-vote in Michigan, and NOW hiding his current flip/flop hypocrisy on counting all the votes…now, only now when Clinton has been safely disposed of.


New York Times allows misrepresentation of data by staff writer bent on denigrating Title IX.

Is There an Editor in the House? Anywhere??

Evidently not in the Science section of the New York Times on July 15th. This is the day that John Tierney lived up to his name and used the TYRANNY of his office to dissemble to the masses.

His abuse of power, and blatantly poor journalism, should have been corrected under the check and balance system of writer and editor, but….it seems these days everyone is immune to sexist meanderings.

Joan Fitz-Gerald, Feminist for Congress--the net-working issue at play

posted by M. A. Liginter
Joan Fitz-Gerald http://www.joanfitz-gerald.com

is a feminist running for Colorado’s 2nd District congressional seat. She has an excellent feminist voting record from her days in Colorado’s state senate. Feminist Majority (FM) just sent out a blast email asking for financial support to assure Fitz-Gerald a win against her Republican opponent. (FM says the race is now the most costly in the state’s history, thanks to an infusion of cash from her wealthy opponent.)

Black scholar says it's "clever" to call Senator Clinton a Bitch

... and Other Sad examples of Hopless Audacity

Item One:
Evidently Ludacris, a black rapper, has nastied out a rap song that calls Senator Clinton an “irrelevant Bitch” and, wishes McCain paralyzed. Ok for you Ludacris, If YOU REALLY WANT TO GO THERE...Femisex says you are one Hapless Ni**er. Take it like you dish it Mr. Ludicrous! But that is only half the fun.

In putting this in their paper, the NYTimes, refused to print the B word, saying the rapper called Clinton “a nasty name common in hip-hop lyrics but not in the remarks of presidential candidates.”

Alpha women? Or alpha abstraction?

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I remind myself of the lack of Alpha women by clipping pictures from the newspapers and newsweeklies. From my teen years onward, I’ve noted how power line-ups always entail a row of men. During my lifetime (in the so-called post-feminist realm) I’ve NOT noted much of a budge in this line up. My High Court stumbles along with a lone female. The UN declines ...

Major Newspaper Publisher Extols Porn at Work for Reporters

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I just came across this whilst trolling a few items. On April 7th, 2008 the NYTimes did a story on Sam Zell, the billionaire who recently bought the Tribune Company—a media giant that owns newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

The Abortion Weapon—Now Democrats Batter Women with It. Isn’t THAT Rich!

Frank Rich, is a columnist for the New York Times; he is a man deeply committed to assuring that a woman is NOT president of the U.S; he is a guy on the Left, a democrat and has been saying so for a long time. He is a guy who would agree with Senator Clinton’s policies on almost every stand. He is a guy who worked for an entire year to make sure Senator Clinton was not elected to the White House.