I’ll RESPECT you in the Morning—I promise!

The editors

In late June, once HRC was safely back in the Senate pack—no longer an Alpha threat to men and women alike—Obama luv’n Nancy Pelosi had this very funny thing to say: Hillary Clinton is “the most respected political figure in America.” This got big claps, evidently, from other democrat leaders in Washington—many of whom supported Clinton’s democratic opponent, a male with an ounce of experience compared to Senator Clinton’s.

Roto-Rooter Sexism as well, please

On Wednesday July 16th, 2008, The New York Times ran a full page add for books that have sold over 1 million copies. The Skinny Bitch series. The page contained the word Bitch seven times.

On Tuesday the Times examined why comics are not crackn’ on Barack.

Here are some excerpts from that article:

* But so far, no true punch lines have landed.

Girl on Girl Action Withheld

—No Fuss by Feminist Organization over Sexist Cartoons but Angst over BO’s Lone Charcoal Hit.

The Feminist Majority Foundation sent out a blast email this week asking that folks express their outrage over the New Yorker cover that cartoons Barack and Michelle Obama. Feminist Majority leader, Eleanor Smeal, condemned the cartoon, saying it “created a visual representation of racial, ethnic, religious, and sexist fear-mongering.” The email linked readers to a complaint form that would go straight to New Yorker editor-in-chief, David Remnick.

Study Shows Males Shout Down Females in the Press

First let’s talk about a little bit of something—a study out of Rutgers University found that, BIG SURPRISE, NOT, men are loved and adored by the newspapers that men run.

The study found that in its OP/ED pages three major newspapers published men’s opinions at an average rate of 86 percent. (The New York Times favored men at 82 %, The Wall Street Journal at 97%, and New Jersey’s Star -Ledger came in the best at 78%.)

New Yorker Cartoon on Obama and Michele

A decidedly familiar affair, just ONE Barack had yet to attend.

Yesterday FemiSex mentioned having a look at cartoons that had been published of both Barack and Hillary. For comparative’s sake.
During the primary season newspapers and newsweeklies and online and broadcast and magazines published an unrelenting torrent of cartoons that bashed Hillary in the most unflattering fashion.

It’s all in your head—Dearie, so says Mr. Hoyt at the New York Times

It takes a tinie weenie bit o’ work to deny sexist news bent, coverage and tendency. And that’s exactly what the Times did—gave the issue tinie weenie coverage. (Sorry, about that word choice NYTimes, and FemiSex regrets it, or at least we will say so AFTER the election is decided in our favor. Sound Familiar?)

Media manipulation-- Keeping readers safe from themselves

Media spinning for their guy! Media manipulation of readers.

How the press elects your president for you, 101.

Wednesday of this week the Senate voted in favor of a bill to broaden the government’s wiretapping powers, voting in favor (69 to 28) of the “biggest revamping of federal surveillance law in 30 years” and “a major expansion of the government’s surveillance powers.” (Quotes are from New York Times story that ran on page A1.)

Maureen Dowd, Exponentially Creepy

Maureen Dowd, Exponentially Creepy

Miss Maureen likes to give people nicknames to bring them down to her size; she makes snarky comments to whittle people down to her size; she is obsessive compulsive in sticking with her viewpoint even when the evidence points against it! Sound Familiar? Yes, Miss Dowd is one in the same with G.W. Bush, whom she calls Bubble Boy, and whom she apparently dislikes because she sees so much of herself in him.

The Russert Era--a feminist perspective

The Russert Era
July, 4th

Now that a respectable time has passed since Tim Russert himself passed, it is time to reflect upon his life—from a feminist standpoint.

Preview--Russert Era

This morning, I watched “This Week” on ABC. Something was missing. The same thing that was missing on one of Russert’s last Meet the Press shows. ABUNDANT DISRESPECT.