Word Choice, Repro Choice and Sexism in the LA Times

Here it comes, walkn’ down the street, pasted in print, no way to be beat….hey hey for the Press Bias…here it is in subtle subliminal word meat, here it is for Justice Kennedy, here it is for you all to eat.

Sorry folks but couldn’t help myself:-)

Today I offer up an article in the LA Times.
that covers the rising incidence of abortion in the Middle East.

Grand Theft Misogyny and the Journos Who Love It

First a disclaimer: I don’t play Grand Theft Auto and never have. I do know, from reports on web media sites (written by women) that one version GTA IV is vicious and promotes misogyny. For instance this report on GTA IV from Feministing.com:.{If you get through the trailer you will notice that not only are the sex scenes very real looking, most of the women are killed shortly after forcibly performing sex acts.

TYPECAST August: Osage County and Juno, and Two Men and A BoY and....

Last week August: Osage County won five Tony awards, including Best Play. It also won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. I saw the play in May and it truly drew me into its odyssey of familial dysfunction. Then, somewhere at the three-quarters point a terrible sadness hit. This wasn’t a play about “an Oklahoma clan in near-apocalyptic meltdown,” as the New York Times review has said. It was just another cultural assault on women.

Called a Cunt

Called a Cunt

Have you ever been called a Cunt? I want to hear from women who’ve had the pleasure. Rev. Wright says Hillary ain’t never been called a nigger. Well my guess is Obama hasn’t either.

Now I’m not talking about the insults one never hears: I’m talking about the direct hits.

Flush Obama –is Obama being massively funded by foreign donors?

Will Foreign $ determine our next president?

Obama’s decision to be the first major-party presidential candidate to reject public financing raises some troubling questions.

First, and not least, is his hypocrisy. He talks a good talk about ethics and campaign finance reform, but is willing to throw it all into the garbage when he is the product being financed. He has reneged upon his prior promise to stick with public financing, something that sets reasonable limits on the amount of cash that can be tossed down the drain in getting a certain person into the White House.

Blind Spot

Sorry this post is late but still worthy! (in magazine speak this came from the Holdover File.)
An article in the NYTimes on Monday May 19, 2008, had this subhead: Several Candidates for Editor of Post.

Tickle me pinkish. The story said Ms. Weymouth, a fourth generation publisher of the Washington Post, was looking for a new executive editor for the paper that was handed down to her, by way of other family members, by a forefather.

DNC Fix IT: punish the Pols, Not the Voters

What I don’t know about the Byzantine rules of the Democratic Party regarding its primary procedures is a lot.
What I do know is this: When politicians fuc* things up, DON’T penalized the voters. BIG MISTAKE. And when you penalize them in a fashion that is blatantly unfair to one of the candidates then that is another BIG MISTAKE.


Make up SEX from the DNC—Part Two

The New York Times wants to help the DNC kiss-it-and-make-it-better for women who are fired up about the SAD way the DNC handled seating Florida and Michigan delegates and votes. So on PAGE A9 the Times wrote a story about wooing the Clinton Bloc back to Obama territory.
But…Trouble pops up in the first condescending sentence written by Jodi Kantor.

“Now that a would-be first female president is ending her quest for the White House, the race is more about women than ever before.”

TalkBack Continues

More comments are coming in to FemiSex, here, and at other sites such as Salon and Slate. Soon we hope to develop a thread for readers. Until then, magazine style, I’ll share a sampling under TalkBack.

From Laura B:
“All I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!”

And from a reader post on Salon.com:

“I must say that it {FemiSex.com} looks quite promising. I appreciate your singular mission and applaud it.

From Slate postings: one reader thinks FemiSex is “Brilliant” while another finds it to be a Clinton dream site.

DNC Wants to Have Make up Sex

My mailcarrier recently delivered an odd love note to me from the DNC ChairMAN Howard Dean. Gussied up in the form of a 2008 Presidential Campaign Survey, it asks me lots of questions. It REALLY wants me to donate to the DNC when I’ve complied.