Flea-Infested Sisterhood—Part Three

This is dedicated to the essay Camille Paglia posted on Salon.com.

Hi Camille –
Whacha doin’? Pulling the ovaries out of the little girl across the street and stuffing bull’s testicles inside? Cool.

Luv’d dinner at ur place last week. Fried female brains toped with feminist menstrual whip cream. Yummy! And look at the progress we made for the female cause—too bad only 72 Virgins went into the menu. What say Next time we double it Down?

New York Times Unzips

New York Times Unzips,
Exposes Unsightly Biased Reporting and Editing

On MondaY June 9th, John Broder and Robin Toner wrote this: “She {Clinton} raised the specter of assassination as a justification for remaining in the race to the bitter end despite a mathematical near-certainty that she had lost weeks earlier.”

Flea-infested Sisterhood--Part two

Whiners UNextraordinaire (If this is the voice of feminism, then ladies grab ur girdles, cause ur gonna need em!)

It is so NOT surprising that the voice given to women in media is little more than supplication to what big Daddy wants. (By now FemiSexers understand who Big Daddy is, right? If not: he is the one who foots the bill of press paychecks. See the About tag for our mission statement.)

Now the supplicating women at XXSlate (and they are also widely given voice at other media outlets) have underdone themselves, Again.

Empty vagina syndrome and the cost to female society

Last week I went to a drinks party at a crowded Manhattan bar. As I waited for other friends to arrive before heading to the rooftop to join our group, I ordered a red wine in the smaller downstairs bar. A couple Irish men from Chicago struck up a conversation with me. They were all: hey-look-at-the-sweetie-kinda guys. Funny, jokey, handsome. It hit my IcK nerve. I turned the conversation to a place that would be sure to send them running: sexism in America.

Flea-infested Sisterhood--Part One

Flea-infested Sisterhood-- Part One

Flea-infested Sisterhood, a Preface

June 10, 2008
M.A. Liginter

A hallmark holding of this web site is that women are given page only when they offer a voice that is pleasing to Big Daddy—the male publishers and editors who control mainstream media.

As readers progress through opinion articles on FemiSex that vet what other women writers have to say on the topic of feminism, they may be taken aback by the bold and sometimes harsh critique.

My apologies in advance. However, holding hands and singing Kumbia will not move things forward for women.

The Name Caller: NYTimes op/ed writer hurls insults, sending millions of votes away from Obama

Bob Herbert, I understand you. I get it. You are Black and you very very very much want to see a Black man (albeit one as white as black can get) elected to the highest office. You are Super proud of your guy.

I understand this because I feel the Same way. I am a woman who has been ruled over by male presidents all her life. As a matter of fact it has been all men, all the time, for 219 years. NO Women allowed. So I too very much wanted my way-- to see a woman get the top spot.

Press Pass

Last night I sat with the press corps to watch Senator Clinton give her speech after winning South Dakota by 10 points. I could have watched Clinton at home on TV, but then I’d have missed out on the “unbiased” murmuring of the press. Here are some non-biased delights:

Crack me up—New York Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt and the males he consulted decide no sexist bias against Clinton in THEIR pages

Just ask: Michael McElroy, Martin Gottlieb, Brian Fidelman, Richard Stevenson—the in-house editors whom Hoyt consulted.

Hoyt declared no sex bias occurred in the Times coverage of the Democratic primary after turning to male in-house editors to sum up the game. Case dismissed!

Now, for a Contrast.

This week Hoyt calls the Times to task for publishing an op/ed that purported that having Obama as a president would do little to improve relations with the Muslim World. Why because Barack Hussein Obama was born to a Muslim father, but later chose to become a Christian.

Nifty Press Bias by the New York Times

When Clinton pointed out that male candidates had extended their push for the presidency well into June without heckling and hatred lobbed their way, the New York Times took its cue from Camp Obama and put the story on page one—A1. (The story accused Clinton--by way of Camp Obama—of DIRTY smear politics.)

When Obama campaign advisor, friend, and spiritual council, Michael Pfleger screams a message of racism about white entitlement and viciously, maliciously attacks a female senator who has long record of working for the Black community, what does the New York Times do???