Camp Obama Mocks and Despises White Women

It is a reoccurring thread: Obama’s chosen pastors and campaign advisors MOCK white women. Get used to this ladies!

“Hillary ain’t never had to work twice as hard just to get accepted.” Those words from the unclean mouth of Rev. J. Wright.

Texas rules in favor of abuse

Did you hear the one about the wife, her 10 husbands, and the sexually abused boys in her care? Yeah, the Texas Supreme Court said, no problemo…only five of the boys were abused, not all of her children. So go get em you She Devil.

Softer Sexism

The New York Times recently (May 12, 08) ran a front page story on Arab mores when it comes to love and social interaction between men and women. The excellent story showcased three young unmarried males as they navigated sexual awaking ala strict Islam and “desert tribal traditions.”

Subdued by their culture (societal pressures) the young men wrested down their yearnings, mostly by inflicting punishments upon themselves and others who might disobey the rules.

Manufacturing Misogyny

I sat for my state board examinations in the Ambassador Hotel in LA. Later that night my friends and I went to a Chinese restaurant where the owner taught me to use chopsticks; he taught Pat Nixon as well, the elderly owner claimed.

I thought it very cool that in one day I’d had two brushes with history—being in the hotel where Bobby Kennedy was shot (yes, by as assassin) and sharing a dexterity teacher with a first lady.

OH, wow! NOW for my apology!

It's Go Time: The Spic Hits the Bitch

The media never tires of serving up sexism. Tuesday night while coving the Oregon and Kentucky primary contests, CNN encouraged Alex Castellanos, a GOP consultant and regular CNN panelist, to pontificate his pro-Bitch stand.

According to Alex Castellanos, if the shoe fits, call it. That is, if Hillary fits the description of a bitch, then by all means, it is fine for the media, or anyone else, to call the Senator from New York a bitch. No problemo!


The first feedback is coming to in to FemiSex.

Like the democratic debate, the results are splint right down the middle.

About half say…atta girl!!, and “go FemiSex, dish it back as it is served.”

Others decry with standard anti-feminist boilerplate, one saying she didn’t think “self-pity and bitterness are feminist attitudes.”

To the “go FemiSexers, throw some punches,” we say: we’ll try!

To the FemiSex hissers, we will borrow the sneer from Obama’s campaign: Same old politics? Best you got?

Don't Blame the Press for Its Rampant Sexism, You She Devil

Well folks you heard it from the beauty queens themselves. Chris Mathews and Andrea Mitchell, while tossing acid on Hillary’s 36 point win in Kentucky, declared that Hillary can't complain about sexism and misogyny in the media or she will be blamed if "anything bad happens in November."

Geez, glad that is settled. Now, stick a sock in it you "she-devil"--to quote Mathews. (On a prior show Mathews called HRC those exact words and produced a horned Hillary to boot.)

BO cries Foul to Low Classers, but for Him Foul is Fair

Foul says Barack, no fair going after my wife for the things she says on the campaign trail! That is so LOW Class, says Barack. Why? Perhaps because the wife is a Sweetie? After all, Obama and his race-card henchmen attacked Hillary's spouse openly and with glee. Simply using the words "fairy tale" in the same light year in which Barack exists somehow denoted racism to the Obama Camp. Or…more truthfully, they needed to take the Big Guy Down.

What's Good for the Goose

May 18th, 2008

Love Letter to Bama Boy, From Sweetie Girl

Dear Boy—

Thank goodness we can finally confess our love to the world! Yes, that love, the love that dareth not speak its name—the love between the press and its Coronated One. (And don't worry my dearest Boy, we are diligently working in the most unbiased manner to deliver you the White House.)

And Man shall have dominion over all fonts big and small

Our first posting on FemiSex was written by a dear friend and journalist who passed this on to us after finding no takers in msm. Enjoy!

On February 7 of this year a curious thing happened. Jon Meacham, Newsweek's editorial top dog, addressed journalism students and alumni at Columbia University. He spoke with great authority and peppered listeners with anecdotes of power phone tête-à-têtes: a feisty conversation with Mitt Romney on the eve of the Governor’s can’t-we-all-just-get-along religion speech, or an off-record Karl Rove exchange.